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My mom is dating a man with Aspergers Syndrome?

Um, well my mom really likes this guy ...he has aspergers syndrome.whenever i try to talk to him i sometimes don't understand what he's saying so i say "what?" and i still don't understand so then i just say.. yes? He is also kind of slow to respond to me and i don't understand half of what comes out of his mouth. to make it worse, they have only known each other one month and when they met he was married. so technically he cheated on his wife with my mom.i told my mom. this is bad, don't go with a married man you are so bad jeez. and she wouldn't listen. and this man tried to pick up another woman when he was with her. my mom "thinks she is in love and he is perfect." i got the feeling that he is a lying,dishonest man. what do i do to get my mom away from this man? he lives over 2,000 miles away from each other but they talk on the phone and i met him in person. i don't know how she talks to him because i don't understand what he says when he's talking to me,what do i do?


i know he will cheat on my mom ..he is so dishonest. what do i do? i've already tried telling her that he is bad.

Update 2:

he is divorcing his wife though.

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    You have the best intentions for you mother. I commend you on that. It sounds like you are young enough to still live in the house w/ her, so if they live together or get married, you will be in the mix...

    You love your mom no matter what her decision, just like she loves you (even though it won't seem like it) when you make your own decisions.

    It is hard to let someone else live there own life. But honestly, the ultimate decision of whether she is with him or not, is hers. :-( I know that sucks... but it is HER life... (and you are a very big part of it I am sure)

    If he is divorcing his wife, maybe he does really love your mom?? I don't know. I don't have all the information and none of us really know what is going on in that guys head (or what he is even saying 1/2 the time from what you tell us... hehe)

    Just be there for her... love her unconditionally... she does have to make her own decisions and her own mistakes... Just love her...

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    people with Aspergers aren't generally able to lie.

    Yes it was bad that he cheated on his wife, but there were obviously problems in their relationship and he is getting a divorce.

    Are you sure the reason you don't like him isn't simply because of his Aspergers? Stopping being such a prejudiced ***. If he makes your mom happy, let it be.

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    Sometimes moms just won't listen to you because you are her "baby." This is a difficult situation because you don't want to hurt your mom. Try talking to her again and if she still wants to go out with this guy, you might have to let her learn the hard way.

    Hope this helps!

    <3 Jo

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    The definitely got together under bad circumstances. Tell her what comes around, goes around! He will cheat!

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    Unfortunately, all you can do is respecfully tell your mom how you feel and you will still love and support her...and then let her make her own decision.

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    Butt out. There isn't much you can do to convince your mom he is a cheater.

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