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Lin asked in Computers & InternetInternetMSN · 1 decade ago

I have windows life plus and my friend as a screen name that goes from blue-red how do you do this?

I've asked her lots of times about how she to do it and she's being a complete ***** and saying she doesn't know. she downloaded n made her screen like that so i know thats complete bullshit


And plz no one telling me msn is dumb and im better off with yahoo to be completely honest i don't use Yahoo

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    ►if you want to create a nice coloured nickname

    --» use the PLUS

    (do not support the sponsor)

    --»open MSN



    write the nick

    then click the button that says 'color codes'

    chose the color you want


    --» if you want to colorize the nick background

    click at 'color codes'

    then select T

    select the color you want


    --» you can also this script for PLUS.. it's really fine

    script name editor

    --» if you want tu use color codes

    select the color you want using the color chart of your conversation window

    for ex. 2 (blue)

    then put the codes with the nickname in the middle

    [c=2]your name[/c]

    if you want a graduated nick


    [c=2]your name[/c=4] (4 is red)

    -->you can also change the font styles

    [b]your name[/b] bold

    [i]your name[/i] italic

    [u]your name[/u] underlined

    --» if you want to colorize the nick background use 'a'

    [a=18][c=2]your name[/c= 4][/a=18]

    --» you can use one of these color charts!BAA9F3C...!1p6b5sbD...

    ► your friends can only see the colors when they are using PLUS

    ►if you want to colorize your PERSONAL MESSAGE (subnick)

    you better add yourself so you can see the results

    --» to change a color we have to write •$X (uppercase+3 y uppercase+4)

    where X is the color number you we want to use

    --» copy the color codes of the color charts I left above or use the one of the conversation window

    .. the icon with the little color squares

    --» for example

    [ c=#328FC2 ][ /c ]

    copy #328FC2 and in your subnick it will be that kind

    •$#328FC2 and your message

    --» another example

    red green blue

    •$4red•$, •$3green•$, •$12 blue•$

    --» these are the principal colours

    Colour numbers

    0 --> White

    1 --> Black

    2 --> blue

    3 --> Green

    4 --> Red

    5 --> Brown

    6 --> Violet

    7 --> Orange

    8 --> Yellow

    9 --> Flourescent green

    10 -->Olive green

    --» there are more colors (hit ctrl.+k keys to see all colors)

    writing these symbols our contacts will see a colored personal message we had selected

    If we want to finish a color and leave it normally just write •$

    so you can create a subnick (personal message) with several colors

    and also

    •# (if you want bold)

    •@ (if you want underlined)

    •& (if you want italic)

    --» you can also use this script for PLUS.. it's really fine

    script name editor

    --» having PLUS you can also use this webs (just copy and paste the one you want)!725124985...

    ☆¸.•*¨*`•.☆ï ђøρε ï ђεlρεḋ☆¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆

    ::: (\(\

    *: (=' :') :*

    •.. (,('')('')¤°

    ☆¸.•*¨*`•.ђคשε ค ηï¢ε đคу ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆

    ☆cσρчяιgђτ ©2008 χคηค™☆

    ☆đση'т ¢σρу, вε σяιgιคℓ☆

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You mean, to put colours in your name?

    Tools>Options on your MSN, beside where you type your MSN screen name there should be a button that says 'Format Codes', click that button and a grid of colours should come up. Click whatever colour you want and the code will automatically go around your name ex: [c=22]example[/c] If you want to put a background on, there will be a T button with an arrow pointing down, click it and select background. Hope this helps!

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  • 4 years ago

    Emachines has been known to use faulty hardware to lower prices. I had an emachines for 5 years though before my power supply just stoped working, if you bought the computer a month ago you are probably still under warranty so you can probably send it in to have some hardware replaced

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you download msn plus, and it adds features which alows you to change colors on your msn name, etc. it doesnt change windows live messenger, it just adds stuff to it=]

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