Destin or panama city ?

I'm going to Florida in August somwhere around the 14th. And i'm going with My friend and her mom gave us a choice between PCB and Destin. I've been to Destin alot because i have family there, but we usually just do the beach stuff, we never really do the tourist stuff, so it'll be diffrent, and i've never been to PCB. But i've seen a lot of pictures from when my friends went this year and the water looks REALLY nasty and greeen. i'm just wondering which do you think would be more fun ? and which one should i go to? and what can we do for fun ? were teenagers 16 & 19, so none of that baby stuff pleasee

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    I've only been to Destin once, but I've been to Panama City Beach 40 times or so. For my teens, jet skiing is always fun and parasailing is well worth doing at least once. They also like tanning, golfing, fishing & mini golf. They love the Gran Maze at Coconut Creek. I recommend an all day pass then you can go through it more than once and play mini golf from the time of purchase until 5 the next evening.

    If you're looking for an all day attraction Gulf World Marine Park great. We especially like the dolphin and sea lion shows. They also have evening entertainment that you can come back for. Shipwreck Island is a big water park in the area. The aquatic center at Frank Brown Park is fairly new and it is open to the public. has more details on the theme parks and there are other pages on water sports and family activities that detail more fun activities.

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    i say try panama city =]

    you might have a lot of fun there because youve never been there before

    and even of the water really is nasty, then at least you and your friend will have a funny story to tell & you have an excuse to go out shopping =]

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    well thats a confusing question

    and i live in england, never been abroad

    soo sorry i cant help (A)


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