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Best Player in the AFC and NFC East Tournament (Day 4)?

These are the usernames in the championiship:

5-time Super Bowl Champions

Patrick Willis is god

AFC East Championship Game: Jason Taylor vs. Wes Welker (pretend Taylor is still on the Dolphins)

NFC East Championship Game: Terrell Owens vs. Brian Westbrook

Good luck. Be sure to explain why you chose each winner, it could win you the tournament.

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    AFC East

    Jason Taylor -- since 2000, Taylor has 100.5 sacks. Over 100 sacks! He's averaged just over 13 per season in that timespan. He's been named the Defensive Player of the Year, and been to 6 Pro Bowls in that time. He was also named the Walther Payton Man of the Year last season.

    Wes Welker has only had 1000+ yards receiving once, and that was last year with Brady throwing to him, and with Moss pulling most of the defensive backs his way.

    If you were a coach or coordinator putting together a game plan, you would definitely be much more worried about playing Taylor than Welker. How many times does Wes pull double coverage? That's right, just about never. Jason Taylor pulls double coverage EVERY down, yet still gets to the QB with more frequency than any defensive player in the league right now. There is no measure by which you could determine Wes to be a better player than Taylor.

    NFC East:

    Brian Westbrook -- no, I'm not crazy. T.O. is a great receiver, but Westbrook is a better PLAYER. Here's why:

    Yards - just using T.O.'s stats since '02 (Westbrook's rookie year, so that way we're looking at the same time frame), Westbrook has 1,092 more combined yards (rushing and receiving) than T.O. So, while both players put up quite a few yards, Westbrook is a lot more dynamic, able to hurt you in multiple ways.

    YAC - Yards After Catch is a great way to measure the skills of a receiver. What he can do once that ball is in his hands separates good receivers from great receivers. Brian Westbrook averages 8.4 YAC, compared to T.O.'s 5.5. Wait a minute, T.O. is considered one of the best WRs playing today, and Westbrook, a running back, averages almost 3 yards more after the catch? That's crazy. I know that part of that comes from having blockers off of screen passes, but when Westbrook catches the ball at or near the line of scrimmage, he still has more defenders to go through than T.O. when he gets the ball much further downfield.

    YPG -- Yards Per Game. Westbrook averages 18.5 more yards per game than T.O. does, another impressive stat.

    Importance to team -- while the Cowboys rely a lot on T.O., they could still be successful if he went down for a few games. But chew on this: in 2006, Westbrook led the Eagles in rushing AND receiving! Westbrook IS the most important player on the Eagles.

    And one more thing I want you to consider -- I was using the stats from Westbrook's rookie year, too, when he was not a starter and only had 46 rush attempts. Even considering that, his averages still blew away T.O.'s in that time frame. Had I started by using '03 numbers, Brian's averages would have been even BETTER than the numbers used, and it still would have been fair, since T.O. has been a starter that whole period.

    So there you have it; your champions are Jason Taylor and Brian Westbrook!

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    AFC a million Asante Samuel 2 Joey Porter 3 Teddy Bruschi 4 Thomas Jones 5 Jason Taylor 6 Kerry Rhodes 7 Wes Welker 8 Lee Evans NFC a million Terrelle Owens 2 Takeo Spikes 3 Roy Williams 4 Plaxico Burress 5 Brian Westbrook 6 London Fletcher 7 Jason Witten 8 Clinton Portis

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    AFC East CG- Jason Taylor - has a total of 117 sacks, which places him in second among active players (Simeon Rice has 122 sacks). He has forced 41 fumbles in his career, recovered 26 fumbles, scored eight career defensive touchdowns, and has been selected to six Pro Bowls. He will make Washington defense that much better.

    NFC East CG-Brian Westbrook- While I'm a Cowboys fan I know that Westbrook is the better player of the two.Next to McNabb Westbrook is the Eagles offense.Westbrook gained 2,183 yards on 278 runs, 90 pass receptions and four punt returns last season .He is one of the top backs in the league and on a team with no proven WR's he continues to put up numbers each season.

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    aww I didn't make the finals :(

    oh well I'll pick anyways!

    AFC East: Wes Welker I like him better than Jason Taylor!

    NFC East: TO! I like him better than BW!

    edit - I should be in the finals! I did Day 3 15 minutes b4 u asked this!!!

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    Wes Welker, Taylor is in the NFC East now.

    Brian Westbrook, he is so dinamic and doesn't complain if a ball doesn't come his way.

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    5 years ago

    tom brady no question afc

    odell beckham jr nfc

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