Husband has TBI with seizures.?

So my husband was injured in Iraq in 2005. The blast from the motar round threw him back against a wall. He has some seizures but no convulsions. They went away for years and about a year ago they came back. He put it off and they kept getting worse. Finally he has one bad enough he wanted to go to the ER. He had a few more in front of his SGT and they went to the hospital. He had a CT, MRI and 2 EEG's and they all came back normal. WFT? We know there is something going on with his head but they test show nothing. Why would he be having these seizures? He also has really bad headachs and feel like there is sweling in the back of his neak sometimes. He describes them like getting punched in the head. He kind of blacks out and is in la la land for a little bit and when he come to his head really hurts like a head ach. The military will not let him see a civilian dr. tri care will not cover the visit unless we have a refferal from his dr which will not give it to him. Please help us out.

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    I honor your husband and his service to our country. It breaks my heart to consider the difficulties that you and he have made and will continue to make for our country.

    I work for The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. I have had the condition for 20 years and have become something of an expert on it. It is my job to educate the community, I come to this site in an effort to serve the broader community of people suffering seizures.

    Your husband has epilepsy. The definition of epilepsy is a person who has suffered more than one seizure that cannot be medically accounted for by another reason (such as kidney failure, which can cause seizures) and is likely to have seizures again. By your description of the situation I believe that your husband is a textbook case of trauma induced epilepsy. Any brain injury can cause the onset of epilepsy and what he went through would almost certainly do the job.

    Contact your local epilepsy service provider, yesterday. This condition has a very complicated nature and can potentially be rather devastating if it goes untreated. This means medication, testing, psychological evaluation and testing and help in adjusting to the diagnosis.

    Denial is an increadibly common response to having seizures. Epilepsy is taboo. I spent years trying to figure out WTF was happening to me. My tests all came back clear too, I know what you guys are going through. I am sorry to bring you this information. Please feel free to contact me. I would happily call you guys on my dime to discuss this further. Good luck & god bless.

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