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How can I make my theme less overwhelming?

I've had a few posts up already trying to pick out the colors for my theme. - It's going to be a goddess theme. I will be wearing a white flowing goddess style dress and my colors will be either white, gold, and dark red OR white, gold and peach. My fiance's favorite flower is the casablanca lily. I looked up what the meaning is for the lily and it was,

"majesty, it's heavenly to be with you. The white lily is linked to Juno, the queen of the gods in Roman mythology, by the story that while nursing her son Hercules, some excess milk fell from the sky creating the group of stars we call the Milky Way, and lilies were created from what milk fell to the earth."

I thought that the goddess Juno could somehow tie into my theme. So I researched what her symbols were. One of which is the peacock. (Should I perhaps try gold with an aqua and amethyst?)


I don't want this theme to overtake my wedding, but I do think that if I could somehow incorporate it all together it would really be beautiful. Any suggestions on how I could keep this simple, yet elegant?

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    I would go with the jewel tones like Sapphire, emerald, ruby and also a purple that would go with the gold also. That way you would get some pop of color in the wedding.

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    First, the white flowing goddess thing is actually from the Vestal Virgins. Just so you know. Ancient greeks didn't necessarily wear white even most of the time.

    Anyway, I think aqua and amethyst would be absolutely lovely with your theme. They certainly would work well if you have casablanca lilies as well. I think it's great to use a theme to help you get a cohesive concept. Doesn't matter if the rest of the guests know or not. It's important to you!

    Here's a great site to give you ideas on perhaps a period costume you might consider for your wedding dress. The undershirt appears to be actually knitted. Note that the entire length of the fabric is edged with another color. If you look at the very last illustration, that would make a wonderful dress using some of that shimmery white fabric available today, for the skirt.

    Had I anything but a winter wedding, I might have considered the theme. I instead decided to go with a more Tudor theme since you need warm clothing in the dead of winter.

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    Your guests are not going to say "Oh! Peacocks and lilies, she must be having a Juno themed wedding!" They are not going to understand the link unless you explain it to them. I would just go with whatever colors you like and whatever dress you like. If you want to have an ancient greek themed wedding that's fine, but I wouldn't call it a "goddess" themed wedding because that might seem conceited, especially since people know that the bride does most of the wedding planning. Also, there are goddesses from every culture, so it would be difficult to find things that represent goddesses in general and not goddesses from a particular culture. It seems like you mean for it to be greek goddesses, so I would just do an ancient greek themed wedding. People will see you and the groom as the god and goddess of the event anyways. Have a lot of white, maybe some columns as decorations, greek food, and something greek themed as the favors.

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    I don't think you should change your color scheme based on the meaning of a certain lily. It's just far too in depth. Your guests are never going to know why you're wearing aqua & amethyst vs. peach or red. You sound like me. A little obsessive compulsive, very detailed, accurate.

    Let it be simple. Choose the colors that are flattering to you or simply speak to you & pair them with the flowers you like. You don't need to build a history behind your ceremony or choices. And if you just now learned what this particular flower represents then it obviously has no great meaning or history in your life. Just choose what attracts you & what you feel is goddess like. As much as you might appreciate attention to detail other people will not see these small differences.

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    I don't see how the theme is overwhelming at all. You're reading too much into it all, which is fine because it's your wedding but others won't.

    White dress with red or white casablanca lilies and opposite color roses (white or red) for your bouquet. Casablanca lily bout for him. Put a few peacock feathers in your bouquet, and one behind his lily in the bout. You can easily incorporate aqua into everything as well since white is neutral. Your bridesmaids could wear aqua. :)

    Have the groomsmen just wear one flower bout without the peacock feather and your bridesmaids without the peacock feathers as well.

    Put some peacock feathers in your centerpieces on the napkins for the guests.

    All the best.

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    I think a theme wedding can tend to be a bit much. It is a headache logistically and you will go nuts trying to get all the goddess themed detials just perfect. I think you should stick to a feeling for your wedding but not a theme. You are not putting on a theatrical event, it is a wedding so dont loose site of the true meaning. Being there with all your loved ones as you become man and wife, what can be better then that?

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    You don't have to incorporate colors of the Goddess - I'd stick to the original plan and not get caught up in details like this. They can get you carried away - the next thing you know, you'll be looking for Peacock Centerpieces!

    By the way, you are already incorporating her by using the Lily - you just didn't know it at first.


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    I think you hit the nail on the head already! A white flowing dress for you, accented with gold if need be, white lillies as your flowers and your BM in blue/green/teal. You can use feather motives on your invites. I think if you try and not include all the symbolism into your explanation it actually has become quite simple and elegant. Only you and those closest to you need to know the full meaning.

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    I'd stick with your original color plan although I think I'd leave red out of the picture completely. Perhaps with the flowers you and your attendant wear your florist can incorporate some teal green/blue ribbons but i wouldn't go overboard. The attention should be on you and your groom or your wedding day, not the theme or color choices.

  • 1 decade ago is a nice theme. Keep the colors and decor simple and lilys and maybe peacocks with light colors, I think dark red is too much, it will stick out. Go soft and light. I love the idea but if you make it too busy it will look cheap.

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