- is this site legit?

include in your answer if you have actually done an offer and how long it took to get your prize. also what kind of offers were they? did you have to buy anything?

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    1 decade ago
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    There are millions of these sites out there. Some are better then others. Unless you can get a bunch of other people to fall for it, its not really worth it.

    The deal is you have to complete some type of offer (or more then one offer) then you have to get so many other people to complete an offer, (depending on how big of item it is) anywhere from 5 offers to 10 offers.

    If you try to cheat even once (use your own e-mail address to do a different offer) they can catch you and no matter how many other offers you get other people to do they won't give you anything.

    There are some other sites that even let you trade offers. meaning you well do an offer on somebody else's list, and that person well do on offer on yours. This does help getting a couple of extras, because these people know what they are getting in to.

    Speaking of that, what ever e-mail you use, you are going to get spam like crazy! The second you sign up some offer your e-mail address is out there, and no use trying to get it back (meaning create some dummy e-mail address that is used just for spam).

    i tried to do this for a PSP, I never got one. I did get some $25 Amazon Gift card, because I wanted to cash in (I realized it wasn't worth it).

    I did sign up for what is called a Congo line. (For an Xbox 360) Meaning you do an offer for the first person on the list, once you complete an offer you get added to the end of the list. As you can guess this list well grow way to big to fast. Lucky I was like #8 on the list. I had completely forgotten about this, then like 2 and half years after I got an e-mail saying My offers were done and I could cash out. I could have either waited for one more offer and come some xbox core unit, or just take the $300. i just took the money!

    So after probably almost 3 years when i started I finally got something!

    If you want more info, just message me.

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  • Heidi
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    4 years ago

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    This site does not look legit to me Even if it was you really should never get a dog over the Internet like that. It could be diseased, not true pure etc. I would not use this site if I were you. I am not against buying animals over the Internet but you should not get the animal if you know nothing about it. If you are truly interested check the site in a few more months and see if any of the dogs are gone. Contact the person ask a detailed question about a specific dog. In a few weeks ask the same question and see if the answers match up. In short if you are looking for a dog I personally would not use this site. If they are free especial if it is something as spendy as a bullie it is a pretty good bet it is not purebred.

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  • 3 years ago

    Online Reward Center

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  • 3 years ago


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