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Missing people/children?

Is there a database on the web that shows pictures of unidentified people or children that they have found that for some reason can't identify themselves? Something international, not just the US.

I was reading about the McCanns again in the news, its hard to get away from their story really, and I was thinking, for a child as young as Madeline was, if she turned up somewhere and people didnt recognise her, she might not be able to identify herself after months of abuse and emotional stress.

Then I was thinking that there might be lots of kids, babies, like this, and maybe also people. If there was a website that you could just check out every now and again to see if you know any of the people..

I know for most of us its a long shot to actually recognise a missing person but..its something else to do on the net other than to piss away time on Miniclip or something and might actually do some good...?


What I mean is for example I'm sure that hospitals have John and Jane Does brought to them ALL the time. And maybe the police have heaps of unsolved cases uinvolving John and Jane Does.

Maybe with half of these cases the children and people HAVE been reported but maybe they have amnesia, or they are too traumitized to identify themselves. So they have been reported missing but when they are found...the police don't know who they are...

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    There is a US website, lost or missing children, I don't remember the exact website but I'm sure you can find it. I don't know of any international one. It's hard to imagine the circumstances that would involve a child being found who had not already been reported missing. When they were found, their description would come up on the police databases. If a child is found who has not yet been reported missing, it should only be a matter of a few hours before they are. The rare occurrence when it happens the way you describe probably wouldn't warrant a website.

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