Did Danica Patrick Handle The Situation With Milka Duno Well?

I say if you have a problem with someone, you go to the source.

That's what Danica seemed to do.

Even though she came up to the barrier with somewhat of a temper, she seemed to want to reason with Duno.

It was Duno that was throwing towels at her. Acting over aggressive while hiding behind her pit crew.

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    Yes Danica did handle it very well. She was calm when she asked Milka the question. Milka of all those education she got (4 master's degree in engineering), rich family, money, etc. was the one who looked bad and very unprofessional. She became violent and threw a towel twice on Danica's face with the simple question "did you see me?"

    The funny thing was Danica wasn't the one who went ballistic it was Milka. She just made herself look so bad by hitting first. She was yapping behind her crew.

    Danica can hit back at Milka but i'm sure she knows that there's a lot at stake on her side... sponsors. Danica attracts more sponsors to IRL and she really does promote the IndyCar series. The FHM mag shoot, she asked IRL officials for the ok signal before hand. Danica is one of the reason why we see Indycar race live on ESPN/ABC. Milka got no sponsors to lose. She got connections with that oil company citgo.

    They should demote Milka to Indy Lights. She's really dangerous. Ashley Judd vented out last year about her (referring to her car# that year) being slow on tracks and the danger that other drivers face. I bet Ana Beatriz is much better than her.

    If you've haven't seen the video of the practice when the blocking occurred go watch it. You will understand Danica's point. Why would you block on a" practice" when you're way too slow. Danica slowed down 2-3 times (and even made a gap between her and Milka) because she wouldn't let her pass. She backed down far but still caught up with the slow Milka. Milka almost made contact with danica's car when danica was halfway passed her.

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    Milka Duno Ashley Judd

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    Milka is SLOW!!! I would have liked to have seen Danica punch Milka in her humongous ugly mouth of hers. Ashley Judd even complained about how slow he is. (I think Milka looks like a Latina Amanda Lepore.)

    Duno has been openly critized by actress Ashley Judd, the wife of driver Dario Franchitti, for being slow and dangerous on the track. After the final race of the 2007 season Judd stated to the assembled news media that, "I know this is not very sportsmanlike, but they've got to get the 23 car (Duno) off the track. It's very dangerous. I'm tired of holding my tongue. She shouldn't be out there. When a car is 10 miles (an hour) off the pace, it's not appropriate to be racing. People's lives are at stake." Austin American-Statesman wire story.

    That ugly Venezuelan needs to learn how to drive first then start acting like she had all the right in the world to not move out of the way.

    By the way, the three *unts on 1st and 10 on ESPN are the MOST IRRITATING no names I have ever listened to in my life.

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    1. Ryan Briscoe (6)

    12. Danica Patrick (7)

    23. Milka Duno (23)

    First off...let's not forget the sponsors who don't take kindly to 12th place vs. 23rd...Goodbye Moto vs Free Gas.

    Now, day-in and day-out you'll see guys shrug this off as " f'n sponsors!", but no two women. In the case of Danika, she handled it more like a man should...IN YOUR FACE.

    She totally handled this right and talk about a B***H for a pit-crew trying to protect Milka. I can just hear them, now..."let's just turn on back on Dannika as if she doesn't exist!"

    But that's not all that is going on here. Check the dates...we have two big horned gals on turn four trying to make difference. In this case I would have to say TAURUS always wins out over the ARIES. Danni maybe short but she's flippen bull in this video and Milka's wearing red.

    Milka...your too slow! Does your car make your *** look big? Apparently, Danika couldn't get around it.

    Calm down Danni, at best for the day you would have been looking at 5th. Which I'm sure would have appeased your MOTO people.


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    The situation required and old priest an a young priest because Milka Duno needs an excorcism.

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    I, myself, was very suprised to see Danica's all bark, no bite demeanor. That other driver threw the towel in her face not once, but twice. That is an insult and all Danica did was stand there and say, "What the ****?" Now, she did show restraint by not retailiating with throwing that same towel back at her, however, she did come at her yelling aggressively. She invited this reaction. Did she handle it well? That all depends on how it is viewed. She did not come to her speaking in a non-challenging tone. So, perhaps not.

    I've seen so many women says things and walk away quickly. They say what they want and quickly retreat. Not in this case, the girl came back and threw the towel AGAIN. Wow. That is no coward. Did you notice how the elder gent did nothing? He was all like, "I will pretend my hearing aid is not working and remain oblivious."

    The other girl was very beautiful, very, very beautiful. Is this the threat? Odds are, no. These are "professionals" and should behave as such.

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    Well, according to your logic, then EVERYONE else is to blame for her poor performance.

    Let me ask you this "why didnt Danica jump the barrier?" I'll tell you why.Cause Milka is a woman and she would have handed Princess Danica her ***. Danica will grab the arm of a male driver and yell at him because she knows a male driver wont touch her. Last time I checked, YELLING isnt reasoning. Danica started yelling at Duno and when Duno threw a towel at her, not once but twice, tough girl Danica backed down.It was only AFTER Duno showed her she wasnt gonna put up with her primma Donna anctics,that Danica all of a sudden tried to become the voice of reason.

    I'm glad she still has fans but the princess is too arrogant for me.

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    I thought Danica handled it well.......but Milka is another story. Why would she throw a towel at her face and then hide behind her pit crew.

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    Nope. For two reasons: 1.) I don't think she got her point across very well. She wasn't clear about what her issue with Duno was. You knew it was something about not letting her by, but mostly it was just alot of screeching.

    2) If another woman had thrown a towel in my face, I'd have clocked her. Fines or no fines...I wouldn't have let it go.

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    Regardless, the way that Duno chick handled herself makes her look like pure trash.

    Whether or not Patrick should have gone over there is another story, but the only one screaming, throwing things, and making herself look stupid was Duno.

    What an idiot.

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