Among Austrian Gunners and Roy Brown. Who else claimed to have killed the Baron?

And the name of the aircraft? For all you PHUCKS that corrected me on the US ARMY Air Corps?


Yes we need more explosions. One RE-8's. Harry Tate. No where even near Corby hill claimed to have shot down the Baron. As far as the names of the pilots,the observer that made this absurd claim was Lt. Edmund Clifford. SO ............

Update 2:

And I know there was no Army Air corps in WW1!

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    Australian Gunners or Captain Arthur Brown of the RAF? Most likely neither, as the most likely candidate for the killing shot is determined to have been an Australian Sergeant from a Machine Gun Company.

    Another Australian officer suggested his squadron may have fired the fatal shot, but this was proven to be untrue. The US Army Air Corps did not exist during WW1.

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    There have been other claims but they have been discredited or proven false. The most common now is that is was the Australian ground machine guns that probably actually did it but Capt Brown is the more "romantic" figure since it would have been aerial combat. Since all the shooting happened about the same time it will never be totally proven either way so those two will be an either or choice.

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