I was fired from my job. What can a potential employer ask my previous employer??

I was fired from my job, in the state of California. I missed too many days for sick leave and I provided a doctors note excusing all the time I had missed. I was already on a warning but I was told that Calif. law mandates that a doctors note excuses any time off regardless of whether or not the time is available.

My employer would not accept the doctor note and suggested that I file for something called F.M.L.A. - which would excuse my time. I filed the paperwork and faxed it to the number that my employer provided me with. As it turned out - they gave me the incorrect fax number and as a result, the paperwork was denied for not being returned by my Doctor on the due date.

I was pissed at the fact they provided me with a fax number that was incorrect - and as a result my job is gone. Sucks. Can I get unemployment?

And what do I tell potential employers in the future?

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    That Sucks!!! If you can prove that you were provided incorrect information which in turn cost you your job you "may" have a case worth pursuing.

    I don't know what CA law is but you should qualify for unemployment since you were fired. If you quit then you would have gave up your UE rights.

    As for what an employer can tell a future employer... by law they are not to disclose personal info about you. All that your potential employer can ask is if you were employed there from the dates you specified and what position you did have. The previous employer can only answer what questions they are asked. "IMPORTANT NOTE" The box on an application that says "May We Contact Your Current/Previous Employer?" if you check no its not bad but could make them wonder what you have to hide. Better off letting them do so.

    However I don't know if you have a myspace or faccebook page. If so I would screen your pics on there as well as things that you have posted or that friends have posted. Pics of parties, alcohol related should be taken down. Why? These are public sites and a employer can go and search for you to see what kind of activities you are into. Messed up yes I know but its a public site and they can do that.

    What to tell future employers? Thats a thin line because if they check with your employer and you said you quit and they say you were fired you are not trustworthy in their eyes. Tell them the truth and make your resume outshine that bump in the road. I was fired once and I have an awesome job now. Just be honest and trust in the lord. Faith goes a long way as I just recently learned.

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    1. Consider suing your former employer, especially if you can prove your claims.

    2. Talk to the people at the EDD. Chances are you CAN get unemployment insurance. File ASAP, because you need the money ASAP. Remember there is a one week "waiting period" for which you won't get paid, but you should still file right away, so you can get paid for the second and subsequent weeks.

    3. Tell potential employers you are on permanent layoff. Do not elaborate beyond that.

    4. About the only thing your former employer is legally allowed to tell a future employer is that, yes, you were employed there between such-and-such dates and what your job title was. If you feel that the former employer may say unfavorable things about you, it may be in your best interest to check the box on the application for a job where it says "May we contact your former employr?" There will be a check-off box for Yes and one for No. Check the No box. You are not legally obligated to give permission to contact your former empooyer.

    Again, talk to the people at your local EDD office. They will be able to help you with all these questions and more. They even have computers that you can use to go online to search for a job if you need to.

    Source(s): I recently went though the whole unemployment thing. The hardest job you will ever have is the job of looking for a job. God bless!
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    They can ask anything they want. Your former employer can give ANY answer that is true. Prospective employers WILL find out you lied about these two things. One of the things that is worse than having been terminated is lying on your application. Also, no employer is actually dumb enough to fall for the "off the books for my step dad" job. It doesn't make you or your step dad look good, since it would be illegal for him to pay you this way, and you would be saying you don't mind doing illegal things (like taking cash income and not reporting it to the IRS). Bad idea. If you are going to lie, come up with good lies.

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    As far as I know all the information an employer can disclose is if you worked for them start and end date of employment. I would talk to a lawyer about the former job also.

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