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coping with trembling?

i have essential tremors which affect my hands and head and sometimes my legs when i feel particularly anxious.

i want to know what causes essential tremors?

is stress a common trigger?

what medication is there that can stop the tremors?

when i try to stand still my head nods and i fidget.

this is why i try to avoid everyday things like waiting at a bus stop or standing in a queue in a supermarket because they get me stressed and the tremors get worse.

sometimes i cannot stand up and face someone unless i have something to lean against because my body shakes so bad

or i cannot stop and face someone when i feel like that.

when i was working people thought i was mad because i wouldn't stop for breaks, but what they didn't know was that i didn't stop because my nerves are so bad.

if someone stopped to talk to me i would keep walking and seeing people made me feel nervous.

i still panic in crowds, yesterday i had a panic attack and i wanted to run out of the room.


thanks for your advice Raye kaye

but unfortunately my doctor and I don't get on.

he once shouted at me and said there is nothing wrong with you!

it made me cry because this is someone who has not walked in shoes and although he is subject to anxiety, it is only triggered under stressful conditions.

I'm anxious all the time even when everything is ok around me.

and there he was telling me I'm ok.

is it ok or normal to feel nervous without reason day and night?

so you see this is what I'm up against, doctors who don't take people seriously and also the government are now forcing them to overlook people like me because it's part of their agenda.

if i commit suicide one day soon perhaps then they will take me seriously but it will be too late then.

Update 2:

thanks idania for your advice.

over the years my doc has given me from Prozac(which made me feel worse)to these little blue tablets that i overdosed on and couldn't walk for days after.

I'm now on propananol for the rest of my life

but they don't take away the anxiety.

i keep thinking to end my life unless someone takes me seriously but of course i don't want to die..well not yet and not by my own hand.

but having panic disorder has wrecked the quality of my life.

I'm a nervous wreck.

yesterday i had a major panic attack when a friend showed me around my local kingdom hall.

i was panicking and trying to calm down but it just got worse until i couldn't stand it anymore and i quickly left the building.

i felt ashamed but i couldn't help it.

how can i become a Jehovah's witness when i am so wracked with anxiety?

when someone talks to me i panic all the time.

i start fidgeting and don't know where to look or do?

i just pretend to be confident when really I'm not.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Go see a doctor. Those symptons are definately from anxiety and there are some medications that can help or therapy.

    I have the same and got paxil from my doc. Although it made very more shaky and I couldn't sleep for days. Now I got xanax which is good to calm you down when your about to get an attack. Paxil is long term and xanax is short term use. So it just depends which meds are going to work for you.

    Try yahooing panic attacks or google it to learn more about the symptons and medications there are to treat this problem. If you need someone 2 talk to e-mail me. Take care and go see a doc.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    There are some medications available to treat tremors such as anti-epileptic drugs and betablockers, but since you also seem to have an anxiety disorder, you will definitely want to look into tranquilizers - that should help with the tremor and the panic attacks.

    See your doctor!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Xanax. 1 tab every 8hrs for 3 weeks.

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