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From which movie did the famous quote "Go ahead, make my day" come from?

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    Sudden Impact (1983), the 4th Dirty Harry movie.

    A lot of people think it's from the other, better, films of the series, but it's really from the 4th one.

    check the link

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    Sudden Impact - Dirty Harry walks into his local diner to pick up his coffee like he does every morning. But the owner puts way too much sugar in it so Harry knows something is up. He leaves the diner and then comes back in and sees that thep place is being robbed. He proceeds to blow away everybody, but one guy who is hiding behind a hostage. He starts to think about doing something and Harry smiles at him and says "go ahead, make my day.

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    Harry Callahan: Go ahead, make my day.

    taken from the movie Sudden Impact 1983 - Dirty Harry Sequel.

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    Yes it is Sudden Impact starring Clint Eastwood.

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    Sudden Impact.

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    magnum force with clint eastwood

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    dirty harry... also famous for the line

    "Well do you feel lucky punk"

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