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Bintan island?

Has anyone ever been to Bintan island? I am planing a trip there via Singapore and would like to know of some great places to stay there for 2 people (under $200 USD per night).

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    Bintan Island is big and it is basically "divided into 2 parts". there is a "rich, resort" of the North, where all the expensive five star resorts are. Then there is the Southern Part, on which the island's capital is located..Tanjung Pinang.

    If you want a holiday with spas, being pampered, fine food, sea sports and all the frills, then, stick to the North part of the island. The resorts there are great. (45 mins by ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal - Singapore).

    If you are the laidback type and like to see the cultural aspects, lives of ordinary people and traditional food and shopping, then head on to Tanjung Pinang (1hrs 45 mins by ferry from Tanah merah Ferry Terminal).

    USD 200, might not go a long way in the North, but it is more than enough for hotel, food and shopping in the South.

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    I always goes to Bintan Lagoon. Nice place where you can have your own battery car to drive around.

    Check when is the monsoon season. If you go on monsoon season you can play bodyboard and surfing

    If not monsoon than you can try all the water sport there.

    Be warn: The pricing there is very ex.

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    Check it out at the bintan official web.

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