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Macbook crashing?

This may be the deal breaker for me to switch to mac. Do Macbook's generally crash a lot? I've heard a lot of different mixed responses. Also, if there is a problem with a mac, is it more complicated to fix than a PC?


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    They shouldn't crash although a lot depends on the capabilities of the user. Some "ex" PC user's MacBooks will possibly crash more because they keep trying to use it like a PC - bit like changing gears in a manual car without using the clutch.

    As a production Mac user for 3 years the worst I ever had was corrupt files when I had a tight dealine to meet. Overall the system is very stable. I have been a Mac user for 8 years and counting and started out on Mac OS 9.2.4

    Generally though it is the software that freezes and this is easily recoverable with a Force Quit of the application or a hold down of the Power Button for 5 seconds for a forced reboot. These are the most common forms of Freezing on a Mac.

    If there is a problem with a Mac is it harder to fix than on a PC?

    - that would depend on whether it was hardware or software and if it was software is it system related or a 3rd party file gon corrupt.

    For hardware related stuff you generally need to send it to an authorised Apple repair agent or Apple direct, expecially if it is a laptop. Having Apple Care can help too.

    If it is a firmware issue (which does happen) they are usually solved or created by Apple updates.

    3rd party software - usually solved by the user working out the problem.

    new users guide to Mac

    Source(s): Mac user since 2000.
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