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題目:plastic bag(350字)

第1段:主旨(尾句1定要寫in this essay, i shall express my agreement/disagreement that plastic bag should/ should not be legalsed.

第2段:要寫-first of all -to begin with - to start with

第3,4段:3,4段都係要寫-what's more -futhermore -moreover -over and above that

第5段:-all in all -to wrap up -to conclude

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    From my point of view, use of plastic bags should be legalised in order to control the amount of rubbish produced in Hong Kong.

    First of all, people in Hong Kong tend to use plastic bags more than enough. When you go to a bakery shop, you may see every single piece of bread has already been wrapped by a plastic bag individually for hygiene purpose. When you pay at the cashier, they put it in another plastic bag for you to carry, normally without asking. That means two plastic bags are used for just one piece of bread. The one holding the bread is unusable as it contain grease and food. Another example for unnecessary plastic bags being given out is at the news vendor. They put every single newspaper in a plastic bag together with a packet of tissue and then sell them to the customer, and again without asking them beforehand. Although pre-packaging makes doing business much faster, this is actually another unnecessary way of creating plastic bag waste. People use plastic bags the most in supermarkets. People were given one plastic bag even for buying a pack of biscuit. People also tend to put fresh meat, cold food, fruit and other types of goods and pack them into separate plastic bags. According to the Environmental Protection department, more than twenty-three million plastic bags are disposed of at our landfills every day. This could mean more than three plastic shopping bags per person per day, which is relatively high among the figures of other countries.

    Moreover, the continued growth in waste means Hong Kong is running out of landfill space far earlier than expected. According to the Environmental Protection department, the remaining landfill space will last only for six to ten years if waste levels continue to increase at current levels.

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    Over and above that, the recycling concept is not strong enough for most household. A lot of recyclable materials are being thrown into rubbish bin by people in Hong Kong directly.

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    For example, aluminium cans, newspapers and plastic bags are the most often seen recyclable wastes in rubbish bin. Also, not many people know plastic bags can be recycled.

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    Therefore, use of plastic bags should be legalised in order to reduce unnecessary use. Setting up plastic bag tax is a good way to do this. People will need to pay for a certain amount of money for every single plastic bag they ask for.

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    The Hong Kong government has already written a proposal of this and is already submitted to the legislative council for discussion. In to aid the reduction targets, most of the supermarkets have agreed to implement a series of measures to reduce the distribution of plastic shopping bags.

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    For example, offering incentives or rebates for consumers who do not need plastic shopping bags; putting up signage to encourage consumers to use reusable shopping bags; asking each

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    and every consumer if they need plastic shopping bags; providing training to frontline staff to solicit their support for the plastic shopping bag reduction initiatives.

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    敝, 唔記得只要350字....

    最後 2 個 補充 唔使講啦


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