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Writting: (travel tips)

Your friend has decided to go backpacking in Thailand for two weeks.

Since this is his first trip abroad,he wants to ask you some travel trips.

He want to explore Thailand on his own.

He intend to spend a week in Bangkok and a week on the beautiful islands in the southern part of Thailand.

(Please give me travel trips only: he should do , he must not do and other important things)Write about 100 words,Thank you!!

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    Clothes to bring:

    Although it's hot in BK, ppl seldom sweat as the humidity is low.

    so you just need to bring certain meager clothes~

    both jeans and shorts are good choices

    never forget to bring sunglasses and a cap!


    As the exchange rate is higher in Thailand banks, so if you depart from HK, it would be better to exchange $$ in HK.

    Get a pen and paper out right now, write yourself a badget list for the places you stay, transpotation fee and things you eat and goods you buy.

    Actually, in condition that you travel alone, it would always be less dangerousfor you to stay in hotels.

    Food cost you less!! As my personal experiences, you can be full even you spend HK$10 per meal~

    Transportation system in Thai has not yet been well developed. When it is rainy day, there will be flooding and roads will be blocked. you must pay attentionn to the weather everyday and use public transport like trains if you can.

    You wont miss trying different kinds of local traditional snacks, will you?

    Give yourself little allowance to enjoy delicious juicy fruit there~

    Contact Point:

    A cell phone card costs you Thai $100 (nearly HK$25). For emergency, you could give a call to HK at once!

    Things you must bring for your exciting trip:

    1. camera helps you capture the happy moment you have.

    2. a travel guide written in both Thai and Eng. If you get lost, you can ask thai to help you find the way~

    Safty Cautions:

    1. you must buy insurance before you go travelling!

    2. leave your family a travel plan in case there's accident happens in Thailand, they could trace back whether you are in that places.

    3. passport and ID card should always be along with you tightly. It is becoz if you lose them, you have to wait for a month to be back to HK.

    I have already tried my best to give you the tips, i do hope that it helps you!!!

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