Animals eat animals, so why don't vegetarians and vegans eat animals?

Animals don't kill other animals so cleanly, and it's only natural right? It's survival, so why do some people have a problem with it?


lol i'm getting some nasty comments. I don't hate vegetarians or vegans, I actually considered it myself.

Update 2:

while you don't live in the wild and you don't have to eat meat, why does it make it wrong to?

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    I was a vegatarian for a whole year but I did it for health reasons not animal rights reason. I undestand where you coming from. But at the same time I respect a vegatarians deciscion as long as he/she doesn't preach to me about how bad it is to slaughter animals.

    Fact: If the U.S. government banned the slaughtering of animals for human consumption there would be only enough food to feed 40% of the poplulation.

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    We don't eat animals because we aren't animals. We don't eat meat because of cruelty to animals. If we ate animals then we wouldn't be vegan/vegetarians. To each his own but I do have a problem with animals being killed for food. I want no part in animal cruelty. If you want to that is fine. I don't need animal products to survive. If given the choice between eating animal products or starving I would starve. Darkside, who is the idiot here? I am getting a good chuckle out of how ignorant all of you non-vegan/vegetarians are. We don't do it for attention and we aren't whores and hippies. If you have nothing positive to contribute then stay out of this section. I do it because of cruelty to animals plain and simple. I don't put people down for eating meat. It is a personal choice. So don't put us down for not eating meat. You are all ignorant and uninformed.

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    Animals eat other animals to survive. Humans do not need to eat animals to survive. It's natural for a Lion to hunt and kill..he has the tools to do it. What's so natural buying hamburger in plastic wrap at the supermarket?

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    its unnecessary killing, animals cant go to the store and buy fresh vegetables and fruits, we can. and we can live perfectly fine with out the meat. when we eat meat its not for survival.

    also there is factory farming, there is NOTHING natural about that. its not right that animals should be born into an shortened and painful life. in the wild they have a chance to fight for themselves, for their lives. in cages they cant do that and its become extremely unnatural, with injecting animals with hormones and such just for increased profit. we dont even treat the animals humanely, all companies care about is the profit.

    just my opinion XD

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    Breast cancer runs in my family (my mother had it, so it's in my direct blood line). According to the doctors my risk of breast cancer and heart disease are lowered by as much as 50% by not eating red meat or dairy. My mom ate LOADS of red meat and dairy growing up (and it's what she raised me on til I was 12) , and now has cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, and the accompanying arthritis to show for it. So you'll understand if I'm a bit gun-shy of eating meat.

    Also, this is quite vain but, I've found it's way easier to stay skinny eating animal products. I've lost and kept off about 10 pounds and my health has noticeably improved.

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    First of all, carnivores NEED meat to survive, or they will die. Omniovores like humans generally don't.

    And although there certainly are people who are vegetarian/vegan because they don't want to be responsible for the death of other living creatures, there are as many reasons to become a vegetarian/vegan as there are vegetarians/vegans. Many do it for health reasons, many do it because of the inhumane way conventionally raised livestock are raised and killed, many do it for environmental reasons (CAFOs are environmental nightmares on many, many fronts), many people just don't like meat that much or have religious objections to eating it.

    Personally, I do eat meat, but buy organic, grassfed products as often as possible, because my primary objections to meat eating are inhumane treatment and pollution from conventional agriculture. Grassfed meat is more humane, more environmentally sound, and healthier than meat from animals raised in feedlots or other confinement operations.

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    i'm getting this query at college do vegans consume animal crackers do vegetarians consume animal crackers i improve into raised a vegetarian and my mum shall we me consume them sooo ya flow forward consume as many as you like purely dont be ill and consume purely the heads or positioned them by using a grinder or something lol and if absolutely everyone promises crap approximately being or going veg tell them to shup up its a great life type and ingesting meat is ill besides that quote from my father can do wonders for ya!!

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    I have been a vegetarian since I was born and it has been my choice to stay that way. People are vegetarians because they don't want to eat animals that have been slaughtered.

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    Animals that are carnivores like lions HAVE to eat other animals or they die. They are almost incapable of digesting plants, or can only digest tiny amounts. They will die without meat. And they do it because of instinct. We think about food (well most of us do, except for little kids who are fed by their parents). We do not need food to live. In fact, many people become healthier when they cut out meat. For humans, it's not a matter of survival. It's a matter of we like the taste. You can live perfectly well of plant food - and get all nutrition without taking supplements. Otherwise i'd be dead by now

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    Well sometimes it depends if they are just vegetarians or vegans.

    Some simply don't like meat.

    Some may do it for religious purposes.

    Some feel they would be "hurting" animals.

    Some think it is more healthy.

    There are probably tons more reasons. It just depends on the individual person.

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    as humans we have the ability to reason and we have the ability to choose and animals are bound by instinct. i do not have a problem with it - if you kill skin, gut and render the animal yourself for survival that's one thing, but humans do not HAVE to do that these days for survival, or at least none that i know. good question! really made me think! and no i did not hurt myself - hahaha :)

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