Brother incarcerated in Missouri jail needs housing for he and son when released where can he turn?

My brother has been in jail in a Missouri county for several weeks mainly due to his drinking, drugs and domestic violence that was a result of that. He is completeing a drug treatment and will be sent back to jail there. He is hoping to be able to get out in Aug. but has lost everything. His job & home. I am asking anyone if they know where he can go for help in aquiring housing for he and his son. He is trying to turn his life around and I am not in a position to help him. Does anyone have any advice for him? Thanks


He is wanting to move to Liberty or Claycomo. That area in general. Thanks.

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    Knowing that he is in the state of Missouri is pertinent but the most important would be the actual city he is wanting to reside in, a large city like Kansas City or St Louis has numerous agencies available, Salvation Army, being one, and in small areas there are state, county, and township agencies, he may want to look into a Half way house setting through the probation department, otherwise social services for the county would be his best avenue to approach, have him speak with a jail employee and they will be able to advise him on the agency who would best fit his needs, sorry for the generic answer but the city would have allowed for a more in depth answer.~

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    Hmm, a lot of agencies won't help if it's drug related...but you could try searching on craigslist or even trying to find the local newspapers for those areas

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