26 years old and need a hip replacement??

Hi I have always been healthy and I am only 105 pds. I had a baby 10 months ago and ever since my hips seem broken. One side is worse and feels like the bones around my hip are moveing and clanking. It has gotten so bad that at times I canno't walk and if I can it is often with a little limp. I have been seeing a chiropractor regularly to treat the problem but as much as I believe that chiropractors can help my hip is not responding to his care. I have been going to him for almost 10 months. I canno't sleep well because if I lay on my side(which is how I like to sleep) it feels like my hip is collapsing and caveing in and it is very painful. Is it possible that I need a hip replacement at only 26 years old?


I have not seen anyone else but the chiropractor. I have decided to seek other opinions from a different type of doc. No I have not been diagnosed to need a hip replacement , just scared by hpw bad my hip feels that that is maybe what I need.

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    I think 10 months with a chiropractor is long enough. Time to find out more. You probably could use a consult with an orthopedist to find out what's really going on with your hips. Don't jump to conclusions just yet.

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    How did you deliver your baby? If you are serious when you say "moving and clanking", you might want to consider some imaging. Go see your regular medical doctor, that really is the only way to tell if you need a hip replacement. So lets consider other causes. Did you fall or injure it (besides childbirth)? If not you can rule out fracture or dislocation being kind of young for other spontaneous causes like cancer. If it hurts with direct pressure it could be trochanteric bursitis, this also has symptoms common to what you described minus the clanking. Posterior hip pain usually from a back disorder or joint disease. If any numbness or tingling associated with it especially down the leg it's probably from a back problem. Front or anterior hip pain could be hernia or osteonecrosis (cell death from lack of blood and oxygen) which is uncommon but could be due to your pregnancy and can only be seen by radiographs. If that is the case, then yes, joint replacement is necessary. You need to see a regular doctor for some imaging in my opinion.

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    if you need a hip-replacement then make sure and do your research. 26 is a very young age to do this because most medical practitioners will only allow you to have a total of two (2) hip replacements. my mother just had her second and didn't do enough research and ended up having really really bad trouble with her hip. she cant even walk very long. an average hip replacement only lasts on average about 10 years. so really just wait until you cant take it any more and the pain is just too much because you will regret having an early hip replacement.

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    Well, If you need a hip replacement get one! You dont want to go through life with a painful hip. It sounds like your problem is very severe. By the sound of it you may need a hip replacement. But dont let that get you down, just move on in life there are so many wonderful things to do in life, so dont let a painful hip stop you!!

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