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How do I lose 10 pounds?

I am 5-10 pounds overweight and I really want to get rid of the those pounds!!! The only problem with me losing weight is I am extremely busy! I would join the gym or go running every morning, but I can't because of my hectic 24/7 work schedule. I really want to get back in shape, and it seems like nothing works. If anyone has any quick exercises please no more than 30 minutes that is preferably inside, list them here. Also foods I should eat like what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner also include. I am a vegetarian so don't list any foods with meat please!! If I kept up to your ideas can you list about how many weeks it would take to reach my goal? Thank you so much for your help, and hopefully I can become thin again!!!

Also, my daughter has the Wii, and I heard about the WiiFit game. Is that something I should buy that can make me lose some pounds, and also have a great time with the family? Any information on the WiiFit game would be great. Thank you!!

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    You can buy Wii Fit, it will measure your BMI and has some exercises to help you lose weight or tone up. (or yoga). You can also do exercises in Wii sports with your daughter, that would be fun!

    If you only have half an hour you could try speed-walking or light jogging around your neighborhood.

    Breakfast.. Eggs/egg-whites with low-fat cheese and veggies, cereal with nonfat/1% milk is fine like Cheerios, you can have a peice of fruit too.

    Lunch.. Salads (i like Caesar salad lite prepackaged), hummus/cheese/veggie sandwich on low-carb/whole wheat bread, I loovee Morningstar's frozen veggie corndogs. They're 150 calories and so good! Morningstar also has great fake chicken, fake burgers, protein spinach bites, etc.

    Dinners.. Lean Cuisine or Amy's have good, low-calorie vegetarian dishes that are quick to prepare (frozen food). Or veggie and tofu stir fry.

    Snacks.. Sugar snap peas with veggie dip, yogurt, low-fat mozarella sticks, apples, pears, etc.

    Remember to keep it relatively low carb and under like 1500 calories. Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a vegetarian, been on a diet (~1200 cal) for almost 2 weeks and lost 4 lbs so far =)
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    Take a poop, and get a hair cut!

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    diet and excersize is the only healthy way. take your time!

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