Build your own wrestling company?

Ok... Alot of people gripe about the way WWE has turned out the last few years. So you tell me ( and the rest of the viewers) how would you build your own wrestling company...

What would its name be?

What titles would you have?

what kind of rules would you have?

Me, well I have started up a small indy league here in the northeast part of Pa.. We call it ACWA ( American Championship Wrestling Alliance). We have 3 titles, The Heavyweight Championship, The X-treme Championship, and the Tag Team Championship. We hold one rule the WWE should....... If you when the Heavyweight Championship... and you lose, you have ONE guarenteed rematch, but you lose that... there is no 4,5,6 rematches.. its back to the back of the roster you go and wait your turn again.

So now ladies and gents, I leave it to you.. tell us how you would do it!

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    1 decade ago
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    Well I would probably run it similarly to you except the name which would be IBWC - Irish,British,Wrestling,Championship, It would be exclusive to Britain and Ireland(as in It would only perform there) I would also adopt a 'tna' style ring. But the main new rule would be that there is no title shot in the blink of an eye. You join the roster new it doesn't matter who you are you wrestle the small guys before you wrestle the big guys. I mean for god sakes bobby lashley got a title in like a month

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