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歌舞青春3/High School Musical3的問題

請問有冇 歌舞青春3/High School Musical3 的歌名?(要英文)


除左「now or never」

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    1. Now or Never sung by HSM Cast

    2. The Boys Are Back sung by Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth

    3. Unknown Solo sung by Troy Bolton

    4. I Want It All sung by Sharpay and Ryan Evans

    5. Walk Away sung by Gabriella Montez

    6. Right Here, Right Now sung by Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton

    7. A Night to Remember sung by HSM Cast

    8. Unknown Solo sung by Ryan Evans and The Rockettes

    9. May I Have This Dance? sung by Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton

    10. High School Musical sung by HSM Cast

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    now it donnot have. but i know High School Musical 3 will play on october 24 , you can see 預告片 on http://home.disney.go.com/movies/

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    1.歌舞青春既Gotta Go My Own Way(好好聽架)


    3.歌舞青春既[Start of Something New]

    4. 歌舞青春既[When There Was Me and You ]

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