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我是在我們公司HR部門任職admin的tracy lee,在abc(公司)工作了幾個月覺得很喜歡公司,自己都很努力工作,但最終因為我現在所做的工作與我之前見工所講的太大出入,自己發揮不到所長,再者,我admin的位置很多時要體力勞動,我也樂意去做,但自己有腰傷亦不可以免強,為了不影響我部門迫不得意地決定辭職,我部門主管亦接受我的原因  但我仍然想留在abc公司工作,很喜歡這裡,我可以嘗試其他職位嗎?我可以找人事部去安排嗎?期待你們的答覆


HR部門的tracy lee




Update 2:


but had the waist wound also not to be possible to exempt <..但我自己有腰傷亦不可以免強自己  

I do now finally work before me the interview said came in and went out too greatly  <..但最終因為我現在所做的工作與我之前見工所講的太大出入  

oneself did not display manager  <..自己發揮不到所長 

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    I am hold an office admin tracy lee in our company HR department, (company) worked for several months in abc to think that liked the company very much, oneself very diligently worked, but because I do now finally work before me the interview said came in and went out too greatly, oneself did not display manager, my admin position were very many wanted the physical labour, I was also glad to do, but had the waist wound also not to be possible to exempt, for did not affect our department gate to compel not happily decides to resign, our department gate manager also accepted me reason but I still to want to keep abc Corporation to work, veryLikes here, I may attempt other positions? I may look for the human resources department to arrange? Anticipated your answer not other way boldly direct email for you really must make an apology

    HR department's tracy lee

    Source(s): me
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    I'm Tracy Lee, an office admin in the HR department. (or you can use" I'm currently working as an office admin in the HR department named Tracy Lee"). I have been working in _____ (compancy) for a several months. I have enjoyed my time and I also tried my best to make some commitments to the company. However, I realized what I have been doing differs from what I was supposed to do as mentioned in the interview. As a result, I could not bring out my strengths to do the best of me. Furthermore, although my job requires too much physical strength and I'm willing to do it, my waist injury cannot be possibly exempted. As a consequence, to possibly not affect my department, I decided to resign and my manager have also accepted it. Nevertheless, I really want to commit to this company so I'm interested if I can get other positions. Can I ask the human resources department to arrange for me? I apologize for emailing directly to you since I could not think of any other possible ways.

    Thanks for taking your time to read my letter and I'm looking forward for your reply

    Tracy Lee

    from HR Department

    Source(s): myself
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