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Being responsive, a third major lesson, applies to learning and teaching processes and the design

of learning resources. As Uli Bernath (with echoes from many other interviewees) learned, any

emphasis on technology application took second place:

Faculty are important, brains are important, concepts are important, teacher/learner relations are

important. And then if you think technology helps these important players in the field to achieve

their goals … then apply technology; but don’t start with [it].

Gary Miller’s critical thinking about helping students develop their capacities led to his belief in

the need for better practitioner skills in the ‘intellectual rigour’ necessary for questioning educational

‘folk wisdom,’ as well as the need to consistently honour generic learning processes.

Effective teaching has to be supported by the acquisition of teaching skills per se (not just

expertise in the course content), the application, with ‘due care and attention’ (Gail Crawford),

of a range of teaching models, the monitoring of performance (despite its attendant delicacies),

the use of overt quality standards, and a recognition of the functions carried out by a ‘live’ tutor,

as distinct from the teaching designed into print and other resources. As Michael Lambert

learned to proactively design ‘quality into the program, not tack it on later,’ others claimed value

for learning outcomes that are, in the words of Maggie Coats, ‘properly handled’ and aim for indepth

assessments – ‘not too tick-boxy or knee-jerking, you know.’ As a tutor and staff

developer at the OUUK, Maggie was also adamant about recognizing the broad scope of a

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10 L. Burge

teacher’s work, relative to the pre-designed teaching functions of course materials: ‘Well, excuse

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    快速響應是敏感的,第三個主要教訓,適用於學習的和教的過程和設計學習資源。 作為Uli Bernath (與從許多其他被採訪人的回聲)學會了,其中任一對技術應用的重點採取了第二個地方:教職員是重要的,腦子是重要的,概念是重要的,老師或學習者聯繫是重要的。 然後,如果您認為技術幫助領域的這些重要球員達到他們的目標…然後申請技術; 但是不要開始時[它]。加利米勒的重要考慮幫助的學生開發他們的容量導致他的在需要的信仰對在`智力rigour的更好的實習者技能必要為對教育`民間智慧表示懷疑, 『以及需要一貫地尊敬普通學習進程。

    有效的教學必須由就其本身而言教的技能的承購支持(不僅在課程內容上的專門技術),應用,與`合理注意和attention (Gail ・克勞福德),教的模型的範圍,表現監視(儘管它的伴隨纖巧),使用公開質量標準和`live家庭教師執行的作用的公認,與教學相區別被設計入印刷品和其他資源。

    作為邁克爾・朗伯學會前攝設計`質量入節目,不添加它以後, 『其他要求學會的是的結果價值,在Maggie外套、適當`詳細評估的handled和目標的詞-膝蓋急拉的`不太滴答作響四四方方或,您知道。『作為家庭教師和職員在OUUK的開發商, Maggie也是堅定的關於認可a的寬廣的範圍下載: [彭,韋Chien]在: 09:33 2008年7月17日 10 L. Burge 當然老師的工作,相對前被設計的教起作用材料: `很好,借口

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