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batman the dark knight?

k i have tons of questions

1. Why was scarecrow even in this movie? he was in the beginning then we never saw him.

2. What happened with Lucius Fox? did he quit? i think he did but it wasnt very clear.

3. Why was Rachel Dawe a different character from the first one?

4. Is there going to be a sequel? If there was it would have had joker in it, but i dont see how they can do that now. No one can be as good as Heath was, except maybe Johnny Depp. but he would still be different and it wouldn't be good.

5. Is Rachel really dead? I thought she was like the batman lover so how could she die?

6. This one is kind of weird, but does anyone else think that Rahs Al Ghul still might be alive? It never actually shows him dying and with batman movies you never really know.

Well thats about it. Just answer with numbers for the question your answering if that makes sense.


7. Do you think Robin will come in? I dont think he should cuz that would be dumb. He wouldnt fit in these movies anyways.

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    1. I think he was in it to show that he was still alive and that Gotham criminals still had hope in batman.

    2. He said after he helped batman to consider it his resignation as long as the machine than uses sonar technology was in use to spy on 30 million people.

    3. I believe that Katie Holmes turned down the role. They also wanted a older less beautiful actress to play the role this time so the audience would not feel bad if anything happened to her if she was a beautiful model or something around that borderline.

    4. Yes, I would imagine there should be a sequel. They finished this movie before Heath Ledger died. They had not planned on him dying and would have casted him again in the next film.

    5. Yes, I think she could die. She does not play a very important role in this film.

    6. Yes, I would imagine he is dead it never shows it but it's implied.

    7. It would not surprise me if they brought in a Robin they need a new twist now that the joker might not play in the next film.

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