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The Phantom of the Opera?

I LOVE the phantom of the opera....but my boyfriend hates it.


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    well I'm a guy. and i think this is the opinion ur looking for.

    I happen to love musicals.

    And Phantom of the Opera was really cool.

    It's got Gerard Butler in it. who is like the coolest! he played Leonidas in 300.

    and yes, i am straight.

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    I love the Phantom of the Opera as a musical live on stage, but I hated the movie the movie they made of the Phantom

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    I love the Phantom of the Opera the stage musical and the movie. I especially love Gerard Butler as the Phantom in the movie.

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    Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera is one of the best movies ever, I can relate a lot to it.

    He probably saw it at the wrong time and in the wrong mood(maybe small screen and bad sound?) and now it's pretty difficult to change that.

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    1.Carlotta OR Christine Daae? vocal wise??? Carlotta lol 2.Raoul OR Phantom? Phantom for sure 3. Favorite Song? The Point of No Return

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    I liked it.

    But I think that a problem some people had was that they were expecting a movie adaptation of the broadway show. It was pretty close to a true representation of the show, instead of a movie made to resemble the show.

    The audience needs to just pretend they are watching the opera, instead of a movie about the opera.

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    I hate musicals. I can only tolerate phantom of the opera because its dark. Still, I don't like to watch it.

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    It really seriously depends. I hated the movie and me my mother were just about to go see the stageplay and I was worried that if I hated the movie it would be the same for the stage but we loved it. Yet I really liked the film Rent which made me really confused. It really depends. A film like PHANTOM OF THE OPERA needed to be seen on the big screen otherwise it just doesn't work.

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    Will I have seen Phantom of the Opera twice on Broadway. I own the movie also. I think the Broadway performance is a lot better then the movie and my husband also enjoyed it. The first time I went with three of my male friends who had won tickets and took me to see it for my birthday and they loved it also. So I guess some men like it some don't/

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