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glyde music ?

hey i have the glyde and i want to put in music from my comuter. like from itunes or songs in mp3 format. is that possible with the usb cable cord that it came with? without the micro SD chip thing.

and it also came with a disc. what do you need the cd for?

also, when i hooked up the phone onto my comuter with the usb cable, it said i had to install something. can someone explain to me what i have to do?

thankyou !

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    music files from itunes are under DRM protection. in order to play them on mp3 players other than ipod and iphone, you need a special program to help remove the protection mechanism and convert the music files. i always use tuneclone audio converter, which i was recommended to not long ago. it automatically generates a virtual cd burner, with which the music files can be converted at very high speed.

    you can learn more about it from:

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