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Is taking a philosophical and spirtuial ride on LSD cheating?

Or should I do it the hard way and discover truths that make take years to find?

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    "Cheating"? I don't think of personal enlightenment as being like, I don't know, a contest? Is there an old Bronze Age patriarch with a white beard sitting up on a cloud somewhere noting your personal behaviors with a pen and paper and assigning points?

    There ARE some things you can learn from the self explorations that mystics throughout the millennia have engaged in while fasting or drugged. Just don't give them more of a meaning than they actually possess.

    PERSONALLY, having ridden that train back in the 70s and 80s, I didn't find anything "spiritual." But I think my philosophical grounding as a materialist was strengthened in a major way when I tripped.

    It made quite an impression on me to realize that the major perceptual and cognitive changes I was experiencing were the result of an added chemical in my biological machinery. Comparing those feelings to the "eureka" and "epiphany" concepts gave me a lot of insight, I think, about what our ancestors were going through psychologically with their religious beliefs.

    Plus the distancing from yourself allows a certain perspective, both in emotional/psychological terms and in terms of relating to (aaarg. Please excuse the mystic-speak coming from an atheist) "your place in the universe."

    From my own experience, I would not have missed it, but I'm also glad I don't do it anymore.

    Every college town in the U.S. in the 70s had one guy who hung around campus years after he should have graduated, who talked a little slow and spacey, and had spent at least one night too many in a dorm room staring at a black light poster and murmuring, "Wow, man. We're all connected."

    So my answer is, yes, some people do get something from it. For some people, though, it's just a particularly hearty way to "party hearty."

    Go easy, go carefully. It does NOT automatically fry your brain, but it's not JUST ANOTHER DRUG, either.

    If you think it's a way to avoid "doing it the hard way," I'm sorry, but it IS one of the hard ways. You see, there ARE no short cuts. Every time you think you're taking one, it turns out to be just another one of those hard roads. Even taking those "years to find out truths" isn't just a question of duration - it's what you've been DOING during those years.

    I know this sounds mystical (and thus particularly annoying coming from a hard materialist like me) and a bit cliched, but... you'll know when you know.

    Be out in nature somewhere, with good friends who aren't doing it to keep an eye on you. Don't listen to people "giving you instructions" on what to say or think or how to respond. Make certain you have a full 24 hours when you have NO RESPONSIBILITIES to recuperate afterwards.

    And don't "go to the well" too often.

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    As a certified old guy, I can honestly tell you that any spiritual growth gained through acid is like using Cliff Notes for life experience.

    Nothing is gained without actual effort. Acid is just trying for a free ride.

    (That said, I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. I just see the light a lot clearer now that I'm clean. Dr. Hoffman said "I don't need to take LSD now. I know LSD.")

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    its not cheating if God allowed it to be manufatured and discovered

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    nope, many cultures use drugs to heighten there environment.

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