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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

breaking dawn quotes?

breaking dawn theories

Alice: I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors.

Edward: Why don't you just tell me who wins?

Alice: I do. Excellent.

Edward: You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating

Edward always says that to Alice.

Bella: Why am I covered in feathers?


Originally I thought that they were talking about who will change Bella but I now i don't know

Bella: Oh, Mike! How will I go on?

I think that she might be sarcastic. Or this is the bad alternative: Jacob somehow dies and she is at his funeral.

Tanya: Ah, Edward. I've missed you.

Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s have taken refuge up there with Tanya’s clan after they changed Bella.

Emmett: Oo, scary

Emmet is always being sarcastic.

Bella: Jasper What do vampires do for bachelor parties? You're not taking him to a strip club are you?

Just before the wedding and the boys are taking Edward out

Charlie: Bells we're up to bat

they changed charlie too it could happen

wrong order

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    I've got a lot of theories about these. The Alice and Edward one I think Edward is going behind Bella's back and making sure with Alice that she's still going to be a vampire, and since Alice is on Bella's side, she says "I do. Excellent." as in yes, she's not changing her mind. Edward's "you're so small" comment, yeah, obviously Alice. "Why am I covered in feathers?" not a clue..... ancient vampire wedding ritual? j/k, lol. The Bella to Mike one is totally her being sarcastic. Maybe one of her friends took Lauren as a date and when Mike told her that that friend isn't going because of Lauren she was kind of relieved. Tanya's little greeting makes me think that something happens like when Jacob's out running, he meets up with Tanya, and Tanya's all trying to defend her property and all fighting and stuff, when Jacob's all, 'go ahead, kill me.' and gets all hysterical like with Charlie at the end of Eclipse, and starts muttering stuff about the Cullens, and Tanya teams up with him to go crash the wedding, (since of course, he knows where it is,) so she can get Edward and he can get Bella, which brings us back to "Ah, Edward. I've missed you." Told you these were long.... Yes, Emmett is being sarcastic. Bella, right before the wedding, or when Alice is planning her bachelor party, perhaps a few weeks in advance. Lol, though, it's kinda funny. No, I don't think they would change Charlie. Actually, I think that Bella (since she hates blood in her human life,) totally skipped the newborn phase and since Charlie's never seen her play baseball before and wouldn't see a difference, she's really fast now since she's a vampire, they get together for a little game. If you've sat through this whole thing, wow, I'm surprised. Go Team Edward!!!

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    Alice: "I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."

    Edward: "Why don't you just tell me who wins?"

    Alice: "I do. Excellent."

    i have no clue about what that one is

    Bella: "Oh, Mike! How will I go on?"

    i think that its before the wedding and mike is her best man since jake isnt there. shes nervous and talking to him.

    Tanya: "Ah, Edward. I've missed you."

    Emmett: "Oooo, scary."

    emmett's just sarcastic

    Bella: "Jasper? What do vampires do for bachelor parties? You're not taking him to a strip club, are you?"

    the bachelor party :)

    Charlie: "Bells, we're up to bat."

    right before the wedding when charlie's about to walk her down the isle

    Edward: "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating."

    he's saying something to alice

    Bella: "Why am I covered in feathers?"

    alice dressing bella up

    Alice: "No one will dare to call you plain when I'm through with you."

    Bella: "Only because they're afraid you'll suck their blood."

    alice dressing bella up again (perhaps for the wedding?).

  • Trex
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    The up to bat one is, like said above probably when they're about to walk down the aisle. I think the feathers might be a crazy Alice thing or something to do with pillows..

  • 1 decade ago

    Well i REALLY don't think they would change charlie so the "we are upto bat" one could be that it's bella's turn to walk down the wedding aisle and charlie is escorting her.

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  • Emma
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    they're not going to change charlie, probably.

    it's probably Charlie escorting Bella up the isle, and they're about to go on.

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