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Best Player in the AFC and NFC East Tournament (Day 2)?

Here are the usernames in the elite eight (For this tournament I'm also going to put the usernames in order of what place they are in right now so you know where your at):

5-time Super Bowl Champions- 1st

Patrick Willis is god-2nd


Bills Fan-2nd


Bo G- 6th

Verndragonx- 6th

Damac294- 6th

Pick the winners and check tomorrow to see if you made the final four.

AFC East

Game 1: Wes Welker vs. Terrence McGee

Game 2: Lee Evans vs. Marshawn Lynch

Game 3: Thomas Jones vs. Jason Taylor

Game 4: Rodney Harrison vs. Joey Porter

NFC East

Game 1: London Fletcher vs. Terrell Owens

Game 2: Clinton Portis vs. Brian Westbrook

Game 3: Tony Romo vs. Roy Williams

Game 4: Plaxico Burress vs. Jason Witten

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    AFC East

    Game 1: Wes Welker -- I'll take his 1175 yards and 8 TDs over McGee's 4 INTs any day

    Game 2: Beast Mode Lynch -- 450 more offensive yards and 2 more TDs

    Game 3: Jason Taylor -- as many TDs from INTs (1) as Jones had

    Game 4: Joey Porter -- Harrison has missed 23 games in just the last 3 seasons

    NFC East

    Game 1: T.O. -- over 1300 yards and 15 TDs; Fletcher can't touch that

    Game 2: Westbrook -- more rushing and receiving yards (453 more yards of combined offense), and 1 more offensive TD. Much more of a dual threat

    Game 3: Romo -- his 4211 yards and 36 TDs much more impressive than 92 tackles and only 2 INTs

    Game 4: Witten -- he's a tight end and had more yards!! A TE with more yards than a starting WR is just ridiculous!

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  • mancos
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    4 years ago

    AFC a million Asante Samuel 2 Joey Porter 3 Teddy Bruschi 4 Thomas Jones 5 Jason Taylor 6 Kerry Rhodes 7 Wes Welker 8 Lee Evans NFC a million Terrelle Owens 2 Takeo Spikes 3 Roy Williams 4 Plaxico Burress 5 Brian Westbrook 6 London Fletcher 7 Jason Witten 8 Clinton Portis

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  • BH
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    1 decade ago


    1 Wes Welker

    2 Lee Evans

    3 Thomas Jones

    4 Joey Porter


    1 Terrell Owens

    2 Brian Westbrook

    3 Tony Romo

    4 Plaxico Burress

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  • Anonymous
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    am I the Bills fan in 2nd place?????

    AFC East

    Game 1: it's tough to pick against a Bills player but I gotta say Wes Welker

    Game 2: this one is very tough! I gotta say Lee Evans just cuz he has more experience! also he is very underrated

    Game 3: Jason Taylor is just better!

    Game 4: gotta say Rodney Harrison

    NFC East:

    Game 1: TO

    Game 2: Westbrook

    Game 3: Tony Romo

    Game 4: Plaxico

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    AFC East

    G1- Wes Welker

    G2-Marshawn Lynch

    G3-Jason Taylor

    G4- Rodney Harrison

    NFC East

    G1-Terrell Owens

    G2-Brian Westbrook

    G3-Tony Romo

    G4-Jason Witten

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    game 1: wes welker

    game 2: lee evans

    game 3: jason taylor

    game 4: rodney harrison

    game 1: terrell owens

    game 2: clinton portis

    game 3: tony romo

    game 4: plaxico burress

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