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Help with AP chemistry summer homework?

Ok, so I have AP chem next year, I have not had regular chemistry and I am having a bit of trouble with my summer homework. I think i'm doing alright with stoichiometry, but the memorization is just killing me! I must memorize common ions, chemical symbols and valences of elements and radicals (positive and negative charges), and common polyatomic ions.

I know that practice is going to be the best way to memorize all of these, but do any of you have helpful hints or methods that helped you memorize these?

I'd appreciate the help.

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    Pretend Chemistry is going to be your college major and that if you don't learn it, the world would end.

    Sounds ridiculous, but this mentality is helping me get through all my courses in college.

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    i suggest you don't too much in one day. This is might be a little new to you and you don't want to overwhelm yourself. Also, i reccomend searching on youtube. Type in "ap chemistry" as i've found some very helpful videos that really clarified some of the more difficult subjects.

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    Use something like a marker board and write down the information that you're trying to memorize, erase it, and write it again. This seems to help me memorize things.

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