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Which 2009 NBA Video-Game will be the best for PS3?

NBA 09

NBA Live 09


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    I say there will be a split vote this year. Between NBA Live 09 and NBA 2K9 as both companies have been working on their weak spots.

    NBA Live 09 is going to be a much better basketball game than last year with improving gameplay and features.

    1. EA Sports has hired one of 2k Sport's own developers (Mike Wang) who will help improve Live's gameplay.

    2. New feature being added as we speak NBA Live 365. Which from what I can see will be the future of sports gaming as it will be a daily update of rosters and player tendencies. So each player will play exactly how they do in the NBA. You will no longer have to create that rookie that never made it into the game because EA will.

    While NBA 2k9 on the other hand will feature

    1. A better presentation as graphics have been a key focus 2k Sports has been working at this year.

    2.Team-play Online mode which will have a full 5 on 5 along with a ranking system. Which will have psn/xbox live members from around the country playing at the same time (10 different consoles). Just think of it as a Halo2 basketball mode.

    And to get it out of the way NBA 09 is a far away from a basketball simulation for the next generation(PS3, 360). As it will be a nice change of pace if you ever get bored of 2k9 or live 09 which probably won't happen.

    This year will be an exciting for NBA fans who play videogames. I can't wait to see the Clippers face the Lakers!!

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    even nonetheless they do unlike racing video games, i'd look into the Burnout sequence. besides the reality that it extremely is categorised as a racing activity, it extremely is extremely extra of a destruction/demolition derby activity. because of the fact they prefer FPS, i'd get Battlefield 1943. It sounds like it extremely is going to be great, and the Battlefield franchise is a efficient one. it extremely is already available for 360 and PS3, yet is actual no longer out for laptop till September. additionally, any activity from the line Fighter or Tekken sequence would probable be a great activity. finally, i'm Alive sounds like a freakin' outstanding activity, although the systems it extremely is going to likely be for and the launch date have not yet been favourite. Sorry my answer strays from what you needed, as Battlefield 1943 is the sole "modern" activity.

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    2k9. live has been going down hill.

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