How to emancipate yourself in the State of Iowa?

I am 14, living in Iowa, &I am needing to be 'emancipated' at the age of 16. Where&How do I do this? I need as much information as possible.

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    Iowa Statute Title VI, Subtitle 6, Chapter 252, Section 16 states, “An emancipated minor is one who is absent from the minor's parents with the consent of the parents, is self-supporting, and has assumed a new relationship inconsistent with being a part of the family of the parents.” However, this statute concerns state support of poor individuals. Iowa does not have statutes by which a minor could become emancipated.

    This is not legal advice and I am not an attorney in your state. If you have any questions whatsoever about this situation, you should consult an attorney for advice.

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    Don't know but is there a good reason you want to be emancipated at 16 or for that matter now? If there are problems with your parents I would try to get help with those before seeking at 14 or even 16 to be independent- the world is a pretty dangerous place for someone (most teenagers) not prepared to face it

    Which means you would probably have to show you would be prepared to handle. That you are capable of holding a job, that you can live independently that means paying rent, paying the bills on time, complying with rules and regulations, having good judgement on who you associate with. In other being able to make appropriate adult decisions

    In your phone book or online look around child/adolescent/youth/family services and look under legal services. You may find something there. Also talk with a trusted teacher, coach, guidance counselor, minister, relative or any trusted adult who could help you. Be aware if they are truly interested in your welfare they may tell you what you don't want to hear

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