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flights to tenerife?

my family want to go to tenerife from glasgow and theres four of us, two adults and a 17 + 14 year old

and we dont want to spend loads of money,

wheres the best place to get cheat flights?

any help would be great!


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    Put the following website in your favourites, it shows all flights to/from Glasgow.

    Glasgow International to Tenerife

    FlyGlobespan - daily flight - www.flyglobespan.com

    First Choice - www.firstchoice.co.uk/flights

    Monarch Airlines - www.flymonarch.com

    Thomas Cook - www.flythomascook.com

    ThomsonFly - www.thomsonfly.com

    XL Airways - www.xl.com

    Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife

    Ryanair - www.ryanair.com

    Source(s): www.flyglasgow.net
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    You haven't said what time of the year you wish to travel. I have checked 3 Airlines flying to Tenerife from Glasgow, and obtained prices from each of them for your party to travel on the 8th/9th September, returning on the 15th/16th.

    Thomas Cook airlines come out at £1035.92p return.

    Flyglobespan would cost £995.92p return.

    Thomsonfly is the cheapest at £835.92p return.

    As you will see there is quite a difference, and a big saving to be made with Thomsonfly. Would suggest you do a similar check using the dates you are thinking of travelling on.

    All of the above prices are inclusive of taxes & charges but do NOT include the charge for hold luggage. You should expect to add about £48.00p with each airline for 4 cases to go into the hold as checked in luggage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to www.priceline.com and name the price that you want to paid and they will send you the bouchers or reject your offer. In half an hour you will have the answer. The only problem you cant choose the airline

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    try to book on the weekday...it is cheaper


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