Bogus Anti-Virus program hijacked my computer?

Someho this Anti-virus program has installed itself on to my computer. It keeps popping up windows every 5 seconds asking me to pay for theprogram in order to remove an alleged large number of viruses. I've tried repeatdly to delete this anti-virus progam bt with no luck. What do I do?

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    It is likely the very common Smitfraud infection. Fake and phony 'warnings' to try and con you into purchasing a rogue software to 'fix' the problem.

    It should actually be called extortion-ware. First they infect your computer and then they want money to 'cure' it.

    All of these are specialised removal tools for this type of fake, rogue advertising of useless malware removal softwares. (Zlob/Smitfraud infections.).




    Almost all "general purpose","all-in one" spyware and virus removal programs such as AVG Anti-virus, Norton, McAfee or Spybot S & D cannot remove it, as you may have already found out.

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    Spybot search and destroy is bad news. I would get rid of it if I were you. It is supposed to get rid of spyware anyway not viruses. If you google it most people think it itself is spyware. Get ad-aware, it is free and works really really well. it will deal with the trojan. just do a full system scan and give it about 10-20 minutes and then check all of the boxes in the menu. It takes a while to delete trojans. But it does the job. AVG is also good against viruses and it is free. Also get windows defender, it is a must have.But if you are willing to pay then windows live onecare is defiantly your best bet. It stops viruses and spyware before it downloads. Norton has also gone downhill it does not do as good a job as the earlier versions did and slows your computer down quite a bit. Hope I helped. P.S. if none of these work then go into a computer store and they will deal with it.

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    Uninstall Bogus AntiVirus if never Uninstall Used this Revo Uninstall To remove Bugus Then download AVG to Protect you computer

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    XP Home:

    this set up is for Internet Explorer alone

    do you get pop ups claiming that your computer is at risk?

    those are called "Messenger Spam" !

    to stop messenger spam:

    open start page

    open administrative tools

    open services

    these services are in alphabetical order

    you need to close two:

    a] Alerter

    b] Messenger

    NOT related to MSN messenger or any other instant messenger

    right click each service

    click properties

    from drop down menu,select disable

    another method to deal with those that get through is to copy the pop up address at the top of the pop up or pop under [ starts up AFTER you close a window ]

    open internet options [ start--control panel--internet options ]

    open content tab

    open settings

    open enable

    enter address

    click never


    open Advanced tab

    check to see if pop up blocker is checked


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    Sounds like that same virus that was in one of my customer's PC's. Most of the time it's downloaded off a dirty site.

    I did a system-restore and I updated him to XP SP2.

    To run your system runing good you need to have a Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and a Anti-Adware.

    Sounds like you need to use this

    It's not my favorite but it works good on removing a PC that has a lot of Mal-ware.

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    Install a genuine antivirus and scan your harddisk. The genuine one might be able to help you remove the malicious program.

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    Try Spybot ar Adaware. that might help.

    And i am at loss. What is the name of that program that got installed? Should say it somewhere.

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