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Do you want to be part of a book? Hopefully to be published...?

Ok so here's the plan. For the next 6 months (maybe a year) we will write a book based on the characters you want to be. We will need 6 main characters and a few people who want to be background characters. We will each take it in turns to write a diary entry based on the character you choose to be, you will see the other entrys also so you can interact what you write with the other users. I will edit the final piece and if it's good enough get it published!

What i need to know:

Who is your character?

How old are they?

What are they like?

Finally i want you to write me what happened to them yesterday (so i can see how you write.)

Then i would like your email - you can email this rather than posting on here if you want.

If you want more info just ask.

my email:

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    lol i want to be in it!!!!!!! =D

    Name: Kay

    How old: Nearly 15.. by the time you've written iti'll be 15 so put: 15!

    What are they like: I love to laugh.. seriously! Quite clever, like school, addicted to twilight! (although i wouldn't include that because of copyright laws.. just say i'm a real bookworm. Fun! Happy, Shopahlic, Chocaholic!!

    Looks like: Short, brown, spikey hair! =D Brown eyes, quite short.. average looking.. but in a pretty way.

    Yesterday; I was woken up crack of dawn.. turned out I had to go into the city.. hoorah!

    So.. I took the bus into the city and met up with my friend.. firstly, we went and grabbed some lunch! (KFC.. yum!) after that, we went along to every other shop in the city! (i know, i know.. but i just love shopping!) and i bought i whole new outfit.. amazing huh? It took me hours to put this outfit together.. I mean COME ON! IT WAS ON SALE.. HOW COULD I NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT?!? Then I took thee bus home and.. got changed into my super stylish new outfit and grabbed a great book (Harry Potter if you must know..) and sat down for a nice relaxing evening!

    Fantbulous day!

    I'll just e-mail you now... =D

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    Antisocial but opinionated.

    Yesterday- So she was reading a book instead of watching the game? Was that such a big deal? Apparently it was, since the teacher spent English class going over game highlights. Alone on the couch in the attic with a new novel, Luna was in her element.

  • My characeter would be flidisha. She's a fisty 15 year old she was abandond as a child and has been living on the streets ever since. Untile one day a man named Rictorn captures her and takes her captive for unknown reasons, She finds out that she has secret powers that not even she understands. Hope this helped!

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    it's an interesting idea, but if you have a whole bunch of people writing out diary entries, how is it going to make a coherent book?

    you need an event or storyline to bind all the characters together.

    otherwise, good luck!

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    Hi Charlee - love the concept - have a star on me!!

    My character is Mama she is in her early forties, small and plump but with a big heart.

    Had another go around with Mrs Boring in number 7. Bloody cat - I've told her if it goes near my chickens again I'll turn the hose on it. Four dozen fairy cakes for the school fair - the kids enjoy icing them - though I'm not sure the school really wanted bright green and orange cakes! 'Phoned Marcie - my poor sister - that husband of hers ..... makes me mad enough to spit. Read another chapter of Hector's book - I wish he could type faster, it's finally starting to get somewhere and I want to know where.....

    Hope you like it ........X

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    Who is your character? Millie Lee

    How old are they? 16

    What are they like? A secret famous writer

    Finally i want you to write me what happened to them yesterday (so i can see how you write.)

    Danny almost saw my book.

    I started it this morning when I couldn't sleep it was going to be my third romance book. Then Danny came back and snatched my notebook, I don't want him to know, he may be my mums newest boyfriend but all he wanted was money and he wasn't going to get what I had worked so hard for. I was going to have to be more careful.

    Email -

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    i want to be !!!

    What i need to know:

    Who is your character? Chelsea... a model wannabe

    How old are they? 19

    What are they like? extremely pretty,average weight, quite intelligent,good sense of humour

    Finally i want you to write me what happened to them yesterday (so i can see how you write.)

    crossed the path again.. the long path where everyone stares and i want to just run.. all because my hair is bleach blonde and i have a bad past.. i hear the whispers "slag" i hear one of them say.. it hurts inside i cant handle it i feel like i want to run away.. thats why i want to be a model so people can see that im not all about my past.. i've changed but these people dont see that....

    Then there was the guy... the guy eevryone spoke about... he was tall and fit-looking. He stared in my direction how could he.. after my past, the past that made everyone hate me.. i checked around me to see that there was noone else there that he could be looking at... unless it was an old woman carrying her groceries then it was me he was looking at, he started to make his way over in my direction...


    email me but not on here

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    That's a great idea! I'd do it if I was allowed, lol=)

    YOu'd probably like something in roleplaying sites, if you like stuff like writing with other people. I loved doing that when I was on for a while. They have a great roleplaying forum. You'd be really likely to find people on there

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    awesome! ok here goes:



    Shy, quiet, likes to keep herself to herself but longs to be with that special someone.

    He was there again, at the bus stop. He didn't even glance in my direction. Who was i fooling, i would have no chance with him. I mean, i struggled to answer him when he asked my name. Why couldn't i be like those other girls, confident and beautiful?

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    Great Idea!! I will email you about my character...i hope you get your book published! I would love to read it!

    Source(s): I'm a bookworm! lol!
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