How do you feel about immigrants coming to US because it's the land of the free, then telling US...?

that we have to accomodate them? I know we all started out as immigrants but we have established this country as Americans and now we have to change our lives so as to not offend foreigners who come here?? To me, that's like someone moving into my home because they like the way I decorate it then telling me I have to re-arrange my furniture because they can't see the TV while they sit on thier lazy butt eating my food in the refridgerator.


I'm looking for your opinion, not a book-long copy and paste from I love Immigrants magazine.

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    We shouldn't they should have to do what our forfathers did and WORK for it. Back in the day...when our relatives came over they learned the language that was spoken here. (ENGLISH), they did not want to be recognized as a Pole, Jew, Irish etc they wanted to be an AMERICAN. Nothing was handed to them because they came here they worked hard for everything they had, and tried to build a better life for their families. Now they swim, sneak, and hide to get into our country, and demand the benifits we AMericans pay for, (and can't get) and state its their rights.....We have politicians that haven't got a "set" to actually put them in their place....right back where they came from.If they actually had to really work for it they would go HOME. Just look at some of the news reports of those that have been sent to the INS waiting facilities.....they are miserable...good!!!! Most of them say they won't come back because of the treatment....GOOD!!

    I'm with you 100%

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    It's a massively complicated issue. For one thing there are many barriers preventing immigrants from easily finding work, not just language but also prejudice and many others. Whether someone is eligible for care and support is generally decided by the level of risk the person would be at without it. The days have gone where need was the deciding factor. Now everything is decided on risk to the person. People will always travel to another country for a better life, including health care. As a student it's probably best to be very careful to keep your views private. Being prejudice, (even if you feel your motivation is justifiable) will not do you any favours whatsoever. No offence intended. A good and well constructed question. All the best.

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    What dirty martini said.... doubled.

    Martini.. the supporters of breaking the law complain when you throw stones at specific members who are telling you fishy tales. If it isn't referenced, and you can complain of the bigotry in the post, you can complain and it does work.


    Nice to Meet You..

    If Americans don't want to support newcomers and help them get assimilated then they should stop accepting them into the Country.


    There are illegal aliens and immigrants. The illegal aliens are costing the American Taxpayer some 300 billion a year. The immigrants are having their problem also, and are generally winding up on welfare also. We need to stop the illegal aliens, and the crummy congress, and we need to cut back on the immigrants until we find ways to deal with bogus information supplied, and educational processes that actually are fly-by-night mail-order degrees. That will happen when Congress pays the cost of the bumbling with THEIR .separate., and very wealthy, retirement funds.

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    When I was a kid. I remember seeing a pic of Kruchev (sp) looking toward Mexico and saying "This country will be taken without a shot fired."

    He seemed to know then that with no border control we would never last. There you are..

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    I beleive one of the fundemental problems is the nature of whom we let in. Immigrants can, and should be welcomed into our country. But as we saw from protest last year, many ILLEGAL immigrants do not view themselves as Americans. While I am willing to accomidate others (and enjoy their culture, etc) I personally draw the line at accomadating those who do not wish to be assimilated.

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    The 12 million illegal Mexican immigrants, along with the 17 million Americans of Mexican origin and another 16 million Cubans and other Hispanics total more than those of the next ten most common immigrant nations. Hispanics total about 50% of our total immigrants, posing major implications for assimilation. This is further acerbated by cheaper calls, easier access to Mexico, support from American businesses, and considerable legal support from the Mexican government and elites within the U.S.

    Massive Mexican immigration into the U.S. is a relatively new problem - in 1970 less than 800,000 Mexicans were in the U.S. Once in the U.S., Mexican women's fertility rises from 2.4 (in Mexico) to 3.5 in the U.S. - considerably greater than native-born American women. (2002 data)

    Mexican immigrants have the lowest citizenship rate - 19%, vs. 42% for Canadians, 54% for Chinese. They are also the least-educated major immigration group - 62% without a high-school education, while their children and grandchildren have a dropout rate of 25%. About 43% of illegal Mexican households use at least one major welfare program, and 50% are eligible for EITC. Even third generation Mexican-Americans use welfare at a level 3X that of American natives.

    Over half of Mexicans believe the American S.W. belongs to them. Their consulates in the U.S. lobby for acceptance of matricula cards (opposed by the FBI as inadequate) for ID, in-state tuition, drivers licenses, sanctuary city status, etc.

    Studies have found Mexican immigrants somewhat less likely to be criminals than native-born Americans, but their children are much more likely to be. Second-generation males aged 18-39 from El Salvador and Guatemala are incarcerated nearly 6X as often as their parents, those from Mexico 8X, and Vietnamese 12X.

    Mass immigration overwhelms our capacity to screen out enemies or locate and remove them. A sampling found a high volume of fraud (40-80%) in H-1B, P-3 (artists and entertainers), L-1 (intra-company transfers) applications. Meanwhile, U.S. agencies held competitions in 2006 for the fastest processing times - approvals are the easiest.

    Studies find illegal immigrants pulling down wages, especially at the bottom - about 40% in California between 1969-1997, and undermine the incentives to automate production. (Japan has decided to automate rather than import foreign workers.)

    The U.S. spent about $4.5 billion subsidizing the education of foreign college students in 2005-06. Immigrants created about 86% of the growth in uninsured in 1998-2003; 47% of immigrant families were either uninsured or on Medicaid. The number of E.D.s in the U.S. fell 9% from 1993-2003, while visits increased 26%.

    A 2004 Heritage Fund study found the average lifetime cost of low-skilled immigrant households was about $1.2 million to taxpayers - about the net benefit to taxpayers of a college-educated family.

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    Good point,I'm am so tired of all these p.c. whiners,who think we have to pay everybodys way. To all you libs that don't care about an unchecked flood of millions of illegals,(not undocumented worker....)put them in your dam house...

  • That argument is akin to someone adopting a child, does that adoptive parent not have to accommodate the needs for them? Or how about this, If you apply for a job, you asked to be there so if you are lucky enough to get the job, should the employer not train you, set you up with benefits, or provide you with a work space?

    If Americans don't want to support newcomers and help them get assimilated then they should stop accepting them into the Country.

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    Glad to see Dirty Martini is still alive and well. And I FEEL invaded, violated, and vengeful.

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    I think quite negatively, angrily and furiously if they are here illegally..

    If I wrote something more specific I'd get a(nother) violation notice.

    Never mind, this is what I think: f**! those p&*()#!!!!

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