Zoe Kimball's Style?


im going to aim to be a sitemodel! :)

zoe kimball is my idol.

& im totally in love with the

clothes she wears and i was

wondering what kind of makeup

and hair products she uses.



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  • 1 decade ago
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    take a look at this site it shows some stuff zoe would proberly wear....


    she keeps her hair platinum blonde, and mostly leaves her hair loose with a side path fringe clipped to the side of her face... she proberly uses a hair straightener.

    Makeup ( I think she uses BeautyRush makeup)

    use a light touch of base, baby pink lip colour, thick black eyeliner, maybe light pink eyeshadow .

    Clothes (she likes pink)

    she wore a teal hoody striped with shorts, she wears beaters( a type of top, sleeveless)

    Thats as much as I could find on her, hope it helps!!

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