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I want to know institutes that offer part time courses for PG in travel and tourism....specifically in Mumbai.

Would be highly obliged for any help recd upon this as time is running out for admissions......thnks....

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    Travel Studies - Other Courses And Institutes

    Courses Related to Travel and Tourism

    1. Bachelor in Tourism Studies - Travel and Tourism.

    2. Basic Course in Airlines,Travel Agency & Tour Operation Management.

    3. Certificate Course in Tourism Studies.

    4. Certificate Course in Travel & Tourism

    5. Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management.

    6. Diploma in Travel & Tourism.

    7. Master in Travel Administration.

    8. Vocational Course in Travel & Tourism.

    9. Master of Tourism Administration(MTA).

    10. Master of Business Administration(MBA).

    11. PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism

    List of Institutions In India

    Institutes offering Master of Tourism Administration & PG Courses:

    List of IATA/UFTAA and LATA/FIATA Authorised Training Centres in India:

    IATA India, Apeejay Chambers 3rd Floor, Wallace Street, Fort, Mumbai-400 001.

    IHCTM, Colaba, Mumbai, Branch: Mumbai-Mahim

    India, International Trade Center. Center Narinian Point, Mumbai

    Trade Wings Institute of Management, Mumbai-Fort

    Training Institute for Travel Trade, New Delhi, Branch: Mumbai-Andheri East.

    India International Trade Centre (IITC) are offering varioius IATA courses. Address of their Mumbai Office is given below:

    59, Nariman Bhavan, Nariman Point,

    Mumbai 400 021. India.

    Tel.: 91 - 22- 2202 8055 / 2202 5286

    Fax: 91- 22 - 2287 5698

    E-mail: iitcform@sify.com

    Website: www.iitcworld.com

    IHTCM are also conducting various IATA Courses. Please check the following lionk for details: http://www.rbcsgroup.com/Ihctm/iata-courses-guide....

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    bajaj has a 3 year programme. there is a college in sion too. there is also a 30-weekend executive mba programme .

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