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Who here likes comics like DC and Marvel but dislikes all anime

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  • 1 decade ago
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    that's not really fair to say american comics are better than Japness comics. they are different because of different cultures. I love the american storyies, Batman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, X-men, ect.... but i also like Anime witch in comic form is Manga, because lets face it over Half of the comics DC wrights suck in story telling. but i like anime because the Japness don't have an FCC when it comes to there shows, so there is lots of Blood, Violence, bad words and it is well written. the probablem with anime is you have to watch it from episode 1- 200 in order other wise you have no clue whats going on. now is anime better than say x-men, no way the x-men is better. you do know that both the x-men and Batman have been done in anime for kids in Japan to watch right? and in anime these chars are still just has Awsome.

    Source(s): It's two different Genres, two different things. so one can't be better than the other.
  • 1 decade ago

    *crickets chirp as a tumble weed blows by*

    I like all of the above!

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