where to find ditto or get my eevee to evolve?

I have tried the grass by canalave and under cycling road and in trophy garden. Oh and how do i get deeper into the trophy garden? I have been trying to breed my eevee with a lot of other pokemon suggested on the Q-A page but none have worked. Help!!!!!!!!

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    Ditto:Do you have a poke rader, if you do keep trying to use it.If you use it and it doesn't work,keep trying,it took me a few days to see a ditto,but i traded it.

    Eevee:To make it evolve into Flareon give it a fire stone.

    If you want it to evolve into Leafeon give it a leaf stone.

    If you want it to turn into Vapereon give it a water stone.

    If you want it to turn into umbreon make it really happy at night.

    If you want it to turn into an ice pokemon go down from Snowpoint City where the houses are and go right then up.you will see a rock.go to the spot with no grass and give it a rare candy.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): There are 2 more evolutions but i can't remember them so go to serribii
  • Make sure your eevee is a female our else it will be the female

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