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Have you ever got Scammed?

I got gypped today in the Parking lot of the mall, some guys in a white van came up to me and tried to sell me a Home Theater system for $3000. I bargained with them and ended up paying them only $1700, when I got home all the parts were broken and it didn't even come up any wires or nothing. I was pissed!......Anyways did you ever get Scammed?


yea I know I guess I learned the hard way.

Update 2:

No I live in Los Angeles, they sold me a brand called "Olin Ross" I looked it up on Best Buy and Circuit City, but no stores even carried this brand. I got Gypped big time bro

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    Yes.Recently I sent a money order to a seller on eBay.Never got the item,and neither did 15 other people,according to their feedback.Will only use Pay pal from now on.Also on Kijiji,was selling an item and was sent a fake bank draft for it.Luckily,it didn't cash,and the bank didn't call the police.Cash only from now on from people I meet on that site.

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    Yeah I Have, I Tried Buying Shoes Off A Website I Ended Up With A Letter That Said, "Haha They're Goes Your $100 Bucks, You're Screwed!" And Then They Blocked My E-mail So I Couldnt Contact Them.

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      Wow.. pain way to tell you, you've been scammed..

  • Anonymous
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    hell yea are your from Texas there is some guys ride around all day and try 2 sell home theater system I think the brand is call genius and the drive a white van.They also have the price of the system on the box as well as a booklet with prices

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    Thanks for your reply, I am quite comfortable with the condition of the item.I will add $30 to the purchase price for you to hold it for me,It will take 2 -3 days for the payment to get to you,as for delivery, I will make arrangements for the pick-up after you have received payment,If this meets your approval,Please get back to me with the details below

    Full Name:


    Address: (No PO Box)



    Phone number:


    I will alert my personal assistant to get the Bank Check mail to your address.

    I was emailed this a few minutes ago, I know it's a scam so I'm not going to reply. Just be aware of any bank check transaction and never give out any info. This guy refuses to give me his number or tell me where he is from.

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  • Mike
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    3 years ago

    many have TRIED to scam me, but as I give advice to others on how to avoid being scammed, I have not really been scammed yet--they keep trying.

  • No, I've never bought electronics out of the back of a van in a mall parking lot.

  • Linda
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    4 years ago

    I have gotten scammed, this guy was selling rune scimmy for 25k, I put 25k and he put a mithril one noted instead and I thought it was rune so I reported him

  • Anonymous
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    On my trip to DC this homeless man told me he would draw me for 20 bucks, i said no but he did anyway then said i owed him. I just gave him the money, he needed it.

  • Anonymous
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    I've been scammed but not on the scale you've been nailed. Better luck to you next time.

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    no never been scammed i dont trust anyone and u shouldnt either

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