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Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters. this issue is very important.

well let me put it like this,

do you believe that "the Promised Mahdi" is yet to come in future....but i dont think that way...

what my parents taught me is a little different, what we believe is that the advent of the Promised Mahdi took place already...

We are not ones who believe in "Ahmed" guy who claimed to be mesiah and mahdi himself...

i just think that it is my duty to spread what i know about the Real Promised Mahdi.....

please brothers and sisters please check this page out once....

because its only Issa (AH) who will come in future...

each and every True hadiath and sigh about Mahdi warned by Prophet Muhamed(PBUH) have been implied on him (the Mahdi i believe in) .........

for example hadiath about, Mahdi's parents name will be silimar to Prophet's(PBUH) parents name.....that is proven..


The mahdi i am talking about died at the age of 63, same age Prophet(PBUH) was when he left us Quran.

one of the "Real" hadiath about Promised Mahdi is that he will be descendant of prophet Muhammed line, through Bibi Fatime(RA) it is, The mahdi IS from the line of Hazrath Ali and Bibi Fatime (RZA)

....and many more hadiath have been proven right....

please brothers and sisters take this matter seriously, because it is obligatory on us to believe in something Prophet(PBUH) warned us so much about and we all have to answer Allah on that Day

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    The Promised Messiah (as) and Imam Mahdi was indeed Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). And indeed he is from the family of the Prophet (sa), from the lineage of Hazrat Fatima (rz).

    He taught exactly what the Holy Qur'an teaches, and not an iota different. He was a slave of Muhammad (sa) and defended Islam against attacks when no other Muslim could or would.

    The Muslims of today expect out of Imam Mahdi and Messih exactly what the Jews expected out of Hazrat Isa (as).

    They rejected him because he did not grant them the Kingdom they were waiting for. They were being ruled by the vast Roman empire and wanted their Messiah to come and conquer the Romans and destroy them. They completely missed the fact that it was spiritual victory that Hazrat Isa (as) promised. This was not to happen instantly like the Jews expected, but slowly and surely. And it did indeed happen, alhumdolillah.

    Similarly, the Musilms who have rejected Hazrat Ahmad (as) do so on grounds that the world is still in turmoil and he never destroyed the Christian powers. At the time of his arrival, Muslims were under British rule. Just as the Jews accused Isa (as) of working for the Romans when he said "Give Ceaser what is his, and God what is His," so have the Muslims baselessly accused Ahmad (as) of working for the British.

    Just as the Jews expected a Messiah that woudl destroy the Romans and rule the world, so do the Muslims expect a Messiah that would destroy the kuffar and rule the world.

    They have completely missed the beautiful message the Prophet (sa) conveyed about the Imam Mahdi and Messih, that he would put an end to religous wars. Rather, they accuse Ahmad (as) of abrogating Islam because he taught that religious violant Jihad is no longer needed, and the Jihad of the pen would win the hearts into Islam.

    The tens of millions of Muslims who have recognized Ahmad (as) as the Imam Mahdi and Messih are living in peace and harmony. We have Khilafat. In Pakistan, where the literacy rate is under 50%, Ahmadi Muslims enjoy a 100% literacy rate. We do not have cases of violence and obstruction of justice and rather live in complete peace. We are educated and obediant to a governemnt that persecutes and abuses us.

    This is what Muhammad (sa) taught, and this is what we will do until the time we return to our Maker.


    @Mohammad K - Admittedly, almost all the Hadeeth that discuss Imam Mahdi and Messih are not strong Hadeeth. However that shouldn't make a difference to you as you reject all Hadeeth irrespective of Sahi or Dhaeef. However, the Qur'an is clear that Allah will raise a Messenger from among the Muslim Ummah to bring people to Islam who have not yet joined Islam.

    [62:1] In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

    [62:2] Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth glorifies Allah, the Sovereign, the Holy, the Mighty, the Wise.

    [62:3] He it is Who has raised among the unlettered people a Messenger from among themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and Wisdom though before that they were in manifest error;

    Now the above verses are obviously referring to the Holy Prophet (sa). I think we can both agree on this point. But now look at the very next verse.

    [62:4] And He will raise him among others of them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise.

    And He (Allah) will raise him (Muhammad(sa)) among others of them who have not yet joined them (the Muslims).

    Here Allah swt is clearly saying that he will raise Muhammad (sa) among others who have not yet joined them. Now as you know, the Qur'an makes Ahmad and Muhammad as interchangeable names. (reference 61:7 regarding prophacy of Isa (as) about Ahmad, i.e. Muhammad)

    Since we know for certain that the Prophet (sa) has passed away, we know it will not be literally him who is raised up among others who have not yet joined. Rather, it will be someone who is like him, i.e. his Messiah and Mahdi.

    Furthermore, though you don't accept Hadeeth, there is a very notable event to consider. When this Ayat was revealed, the Prophet (sa) was sitting amongst his companians.

    They asked him, Ya Rasoolullah(sa), who are these people who will not have joined us? The Prophet (sa) remained quiet.

    They asked a second time. Prophet (sa) was still quiet.

    They asked a third time! Finally the Prophet (sa) spoke.

    In a room full of arabs, he put his hand on the one persian, Hazrat Salman Farsi and said, "Even if faith were to ascend to the pleadies, a man from his people will bring it back to Earth."

    Now from the Qur'an we know that another person would be raised named Ahmad, and we know now from the Prophet (sa) that he would be of persian descent.

    Ahmad (sa) was of Persian descent, and hence clearly fulfills this prophacy.

    love for all, hatred for none

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    I opened the question labeled 'important' but found to be unimportant. Muslims all over the world has rejected the claim of all lairs who claimed them to be a Prophet after the last Prophet (pbuh). Mahdi will surely come, but not as a new Prophet.

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    There are Sahih Ahadith that indicate that Mahdi will appear at the end of time. He is one of the signs of the Hour. According to reliable, authentic, and universally accepted narrations, Imam Mahdi will...

    Be from among the family of Prophet (Pbuh), among the descendants of Fatima (RA). Appear just before the day of judgment. Escape from Madina to Makkah where people will pledge allegiance to him. Have same name as Hazrat Muhammad (Pbuh)..... Rule over the Arabs for seven or Eight years according to Sunnah...

    Now, tell me, did this all so called Imam Mahdis fulfilled these criteria and performed these duties? I think not.

    EDIT: Mirza Qaidani was son of Chiragh Bibi, He did not belong to the family of Holy Prophet (Pbuh) He never got a chance to rule the country and establish justice.

    If Mirza was Imam Mahdi, then obviously he miserably failed to do his job. Mirza himself was aware that whatever he has claimed is totally against what has been mentioned by Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) but he was so overcome by his satanic desires that he did not realise that he is committing blasphemy.

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    The Real Promised Imam Mahdi (as) hasn't appeared yet.

    If my parents are named Ali and Fatima, am i nauzobillah the Second or the Third Shiite Imam? (Don't wanna take His name as Respect...hope u guys understand).

    Use ur intellect! This jaunpuri guy must be burning in Hell. See all the signs of Imam Mahdi (as) and compare those with this guy and see if he fulfills em...which im 200% sure he didn' could people follow and believe this guy blindly?

    man u disappoint me...........these random fools claiming to be Imam Mahdi a.s (astaghfirullah)....May Allah burn them BRUTALLY in hell!

    I worry about all muslims when the dajjal comes and claiming to be god...whats gonna happen then :S God knows...

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    1- Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him, reports that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "At the end of the time of my Ummah, the Mahdi will appear. Allah will grant him rain, the earth will bring forth its fruits, he will give a lot of money, cattle will increase and the Muslim Ummah will become great. He will rule for seven or eight years."

    2- `Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, says: "The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "The Mahdi is one of us and a member of my family. Allah will guide him in a single night." (Reported by Ahmad)

    3-Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri states that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon, said: "The Mahdi is of my lineage, with a high forehead and a long, thin, curved nose. He will fill the earth with fairness and justice as it was filled with oppression and injustice, and he will rule for seven years." (Reported by At-Tirmidhi)

    4- Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him, says that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: ‘‘Jesus, son of Mary, will descend, and their leader, the Mahdi, will say, 'Come and lead us in prayer.’ But he will say, ‘No, one of them should lead them as an honor to this Ummah from Allah." (Reported by Muslim)


    You should be aware that some people have lied and fabricated hadiths about the Mahdi. Some of those "false Mahdis" have tried to deceive the servants of Allah for some worldly gain and distort the picture of Islam. Some have started movements and revolutions and gathered support from the people they deceived. But they were destroyed, and their lies and falsehood were exposed."


    "More than one hundred Hadiths were narrated about Al-Mahdi. Those Hadiths ranged between being fabricated, weak, sound, and authentic; the authentic ones are very few.


    Mahdi is will come at the end times.

    “The End Times” is a term used to describe the final days of Earth, prior to Doomsday. In this period, according to Islamic belief, mankind will be confronted by terrible corruption and degeneration.

    This dark age will be one of increasing injustice, oppression, famine and poverty, moral collapse, war and conflict, anarchy and chaos. It will come to an end with people returning to religious moral values. Want will be replaced by plenty, injustice and oppression by justice and understanding, and anarchy and chaos by peace and security, and the world will enjoy a hitherto unseen beauty and abundance.

    Allah will make the the return to Earth of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and Mahdi, a holy personage whose name means “he who has found the path of salvation” the means whereby the world attains enlightenment and abundance. These are all valuable glad tidings imparted by our Prophet(pbuh).


    @ WhItE_ RoSe

    The shia hidden Imam is not the Mahdi.The shia awaiting hidden Imam is the Dajjal.(Anti-Christ).and they gonna be the one who will follow Dajjal.

    May Allah protects us from Dajjal.

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    The Twelfth Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan (Al-Mahdi-Sahibuz Zaman) AS

    (The hidden Imam who is expected to return)

    “The world will not come to an end,” said the Prophet Muhammad, “ until a man from my family (Ahlulbayt) and of my name shall be master of the world, When you see a green ensign coming from the direction of Khorasan, then join them, for the Imam of God will be with the standards who will be called al-Mahdi.”

    “The Mahdi will be descended from me, he will be a man with an open countenance and a face with a high nose. He will fill the earth with equity and with justice, just as it has been filled with tyranny and oppression.” (Biharul Anwar, Majlisi)

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    I agree with Poison, Pakistani chap, and Invincible. And I've already got my hands full of the followers of Mirza Iblees Qadyani, so pls. stop it.

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    could you give me any evidence from Glorious Quran about promised mahdi

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    I am already tired fighting with the Ahmadis now where have you come from?



    @ Invincible

    Wallah your reply was hilarious, i am still laughing :))


    Source(s): People(Sunnnis) IGNORE him too
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