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Does anyone have the newest episode of Dog bounty Hunter recorded?

I was watching the newest episode of Dog B.H. on the edge of my seat and it then it cut off right at the end when they were getting ready to knock down the door! Does anyone have it recorded in any fashion that I could watch? i cant find it on the net. Or could someone please just tell me ...did the James guy in the house find out the girl ratted him out? And tell me what happened after the girl went in the house and they "team" ran up to their porch! my email is cuz i dont know how to check my mail here. But you can leave mssg. here also...ill try to figure it out! Thx!

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    1 decade ago
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    Kimi...I have it DVRd and haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I will watch it in the morning and then come back and edit my answer....:)

    Oh and by the way.....any e-mail you get from someone here, will go into your Yahoo! e-mail account inbox directly.....:)

    Until tomorrow.....*anxiously awaiting seeing that SSEEXXYY Leland* hubba hubba....


    Edit 7-19-08 10:42 a.m.

    Kimi....James did know what Tricia was doing when she got ahold of him. It was really intense...Dog and crew were basically surrounding the house, one team in in back and as Tricia went up on the porch, she disappeared around to the side of the house and Leland lost sight of her. Dog freaked a bit because he knew James was known to have weapons. Tricia ended up in the house....Jason, James friend tried to stop Dog and everyone from getting in the house but they broke doors down both in front and back and got Jason on the floor in the kitchen. He claimed he didn't know James English....but Tricia yelled down to them that he was upstairs..with a gun....he eventually tried to climb out the upstairs window and Baby Lyssa saw him and started screaming for everyone to come out....Duane Lee and Leland went back upstairs and broke down the blinds and got him as he was laying down on the roof...Dog was shooting at him with the pepper ball gun and it was a successful take down....

    He told Dog there was no use in running, he knew from the minute that Tricia called him it was either the cops or bounty hunters coming for him....When he was on the phone with her, he kept telling her to go in the house (remember that he had threatened once to kill her) and she kept saying she didn't want to go....thats pretty much when he knew what was up...

    Kelly, the girl that was doing drugs in the first part of the show, she did go to rehab and got a reduced sentence.....

    Man I LOVE this show!

    And Leland is STILL so HOTTTTT!


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