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Should I store Italian bread in paper bag or plastic bag?

I bought a loaf of Italian bread today, but we're not going to be eating it until tomorrow. What is the best way to keep it fresh for 1 day? Keep it in the paper bag it came in? Or should I put it in a zip lock plastic bag?

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    Plastic will make it soft and soggy. Paper keeps the crispness right, but it can also make it hard. The best way to reheat good bread is by warming up your oven to 350 degrees.

    Wet your hands in cold tap water. while they're still wet enough to drip rub your hands on the bread and bake it a few minutes. It will be like fresh baked but you have to eat it while it's still warm.

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    1 decade ago

    My opinion is either bag it not going to be like it was when you brought it.I can never win with those breads if I use the paper bag it came in or if I use plastic it still comes out to hard. So good luck to ya..

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    5 years ago

    Focaccia (IPA pronunciation: [fo'kætʃɑ]) is a flat bread topped with spices and other products, which is related to modern pizza. The basic recipe is thought by some to have originated with the Etruscans or ancient Greeks, but nowadays it is particularly known as a delicacy of the Ligurian cuisine; the best "focaccia al formaggio" (focaccia with cheese) is made in Recco, near Genoa. Focaccia is quite popular in Italy and is usually seasoned with olive oil and herbs, topped with cheese and meat or flavored with a number of vegetables. Focaccia doughs are similar in style and texture to pizza doughs consisting of high-gluten flour, oil, water, sugar, salt and yeast. Focaccia is used extensively as a sandwich bread outside of Italy. It is typically rolled out or pressed by hand into a thick layer of dough and then baked in a stone-bottom or hearth oven. Bakers often puncture the bread with a knife to relieve bubbling on the surface of the bread. Large bubbles may ruin Focaccia as it creates a "pocket" of air and renders the bread useless for sandwiches. Focaccia can be used as a side to many meals, as a base for pizza or as sandwich bread

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    Paper. I assume.

    I always storee it in paper. it grows less mold. I have no idea why. Im sorry I cant back it up. but Im trying to back it up from my own experiences =D

    I get italian meat bread [bread with bolonga pieces] and iput it in a brown paper bag and it doesn't grow mold easily. but maybe after a week or two,. =DD

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    1 decade ago will keep the bread from getting hard

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    plastic. You might want to put it in the oven to get the crust back tomorow.

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    plastic... and in the fridge

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