what kind of ebook would you be the most likely to buy?! please help youguys...?

Hi everyone, i will soon be throwing some different genre ebooks onto my website, but i just wanted to hear a few category suggestions. i will probably include a huge variety of varieties anyway.

i'm thinking that i will have the most ebooks regarding making money online (some EFFECTIVE ones that i have read not any of those bullshit scams, of course =]) mainly because this type is what interests me the most of any ebook, personally.

any response is greatly appreciated, as always!! =]

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    1 decade ago
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    The only ebooks I buy now are Private Label Rights (PLR) books and anything to do with Internet Marketing.

    I've got hundreds of ebooks on my computer at the moment and used to sell them online a few years ago but the market was starting to drop off then for ebook stores.

    You need to have something REALLY good because you can get so many free ebooks on the internet nowadays.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) master resell and private reselling rights ebooks

    2) eBooks by pro-bloggers who are already selling these manuals at their eiste, but yours is charging cheaper

    What I wouldn't want to buy:

    1) eBooks of real hardcopy ones. Then it would seem you're ripping me off.

    2) eBooks which beat around the bush,making up for pages, but have not meat. Sort of like cut n paste from diff sites...

    Good luck with the site!




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