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Death Note Anime & Manga?

I am having an issue with a summary for a Death Note fanfiction, and I need to know which episodes in the anime and chapters in the manga were Light and L handcuffed to each other?

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    Death Note Episode 17:


    Volume 5, Chapter 37:

    Lol, both numbers end in 7. xD

    Here's my summary about how Light/L were handcuffed:

    L proposed Soichiro Yagami about how they could implicate Light and Misa by pretending that they would be executed by his own father (with a camera in the car). L planned that so the second Kira who have acquired the Shinigami Eyes can be caught in the act killing Light's father. But it didn't happen since Light and Misa both gave up their Death Note ownership.

    When they (mistakenly) prove that Light and Misa were free of guilt, they decided to release them. However, L is still a little suspicious and handcuffed him to keep an eye of him, and also Light is an excellent member of their investigation. L also hired Matsuda to be Misa's manager.

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