parents helping move into dorm?

my parents said that they are gonna help me move into my dorm. it is 30-40 minutes from home and i kinda thought they would just see me off at home. is it normal? they said they wanted to take me out to lunch after that. is it true that the first day is a good time to meet a bunch of people? i dont want to hang out with my parents after moving in. please help


christy: i am not ungrateful. if that is how i came across, then i didnt mean it that way.

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    I have worked on a college campus for 15 years and moving in day is a bigger deal for the parents than it is for the students. Mothers like to make the beds and dads like to hammer things into the wall, it is a way for them to make sure you are ok, just grin and bare it, all parents need to do this one last act of treating their adult child like a small child.

  • Joanne
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    I've worked in college housing, and most of the students I've seen have help moving in from their parents. It's perfectly normal and not usually too awkward, as long as they don't insist on hanging around too long! Some of the parents know when to leave when they're done hauling boxes, and some don't--to the point that we started doing a meeting for parents on move-in day. The housing and admissions staff would talk to them about this big transition they were all going through, and what to expect as their kids started college...and then we'd gently tell them it was time to GO HOME so both they and their kids could get on with their new lives.

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    Help is great. The more people to pack boxes the better. Plus, they're probably curious about your roommate and room and all that. Separation is hard enough on parents. This little thing helps give them a sense of closure. As far as lunch goes, free food is always good, but you could let them know that you were hoping to get food some of your new found friends to get to know them.

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    Yes it's completely normal for your parents to help you move in, but if you don't want them to then don't. The first day is when you meet a lot of new people, but you'll be seeing them on a daily basis so it's up to you.

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    well its normal that your parents wouldnt want to let go and would try to hold on to you as long as they could i say you should try and make your parents happy by spending time with them and i find the first day isnt the best time to meet people because most people are moving around and moving in and such so there wont be much time for them to talk

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    My parents helped me move in...its okay...they just want to spend some time with you before they send you off. You will have time to spend with your roommate once they are gone. The school should have events going on that will give you a chance to meet new people.

  • Anonymous
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    your parents should help you move in, as most students parents will help them move in their dorms. Im a senior and my parents always helped me move in and move out. dont be ashame of your parents, your not in high school anymore

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    most everyone needs their parents to move into the dorm. it's normal. how will you get all your stuff there? it's their special day, too. you will have all semester with your friends.

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    Ungrateful much? You should be thinking how nice it is for them to do that! You'll have all semester to meet new people.

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    It's very normal. It would be weird if your parents didn't help. And trust me you want them to lift everything.;)

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