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What celebrities live in Toluca Lake,California?

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    Miley Cyrus lives in a 9000-square-foot Italian-style villa" in TL,,pers...

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    * Steve Abbott,actor

    * Julie Andrews, actress and singer

    * Jonathan Antin, hairstylist

    * Drake Bell, actor and singer

    * Jack Black, actor

    * Brooke Burns, actress

    * Ann Blyth, actress and singer

    * Steve Carell, actor

    * Peter Casey, television writer

    * Bing Crosby, singer and actor

    * Billy Ray Cyrus, actor and singer

    * Doris Day, singer and actress; animal rights advocate

    * Kat Dennings, actress

    * Rick Dees, radio personality

    * Roy E. Disney, director and producer

    * Hilary Duff, actress and singer

    * Kirsten Dunst, actress

    * Amelia Earhart, aviatrix

    * Zac Efron, actor

    * W. C. Fields, actor

    * Larry Fine, actor

    * Redd Foxx, comedian and actor

    * Andy García, actor

    * Jenny Garth, actress

    * Harold Greene, news anchorman

    * Andy Griffith. actor

    * Christopher J. Harrell, musician, philanthropist

    * Brett R. Henry, photographer and writer

    * Steve Hofstetter, comedian and radio personality

    * Vanessa Hudgens, actess,singers

    * Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress

    * William Holden, actor

    * Bob Hope, actor

    * Moe Howard, actor

    * Wayne Knight, actor

    * George Lopez, actor, comedian

    * Leonard Maltin, film critic

    * Garry Marshall, director and producer

    * Eric McCormack, actor

    * Roger Miller, song writer and singer

    * Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor

    * José Offerman, Major League baseball player

    * Jonas Brothers, singers (Joe, Nick, and Kevin)

    * Markie Post, actress

    * Brenda Song, actress, singer, model

    * Frank Sinatra, singer, actor

    * Kelly Sweet, singer

    * Alan Thicke, actor

    * Ashley Tisdale, actress, singer

    * Forrest Tucker, actor

    * Jim Tully, author

    * Denzel Washington, actor

    * Scott Weiland, singer, lyricist

    * Lawrence Welk, band leader

    * Dawn Wells, actress

    * Eric West, Cinematographer

    * Henry Winkler, actor

    * Cary Woodworth, actor, musician

    * Joanne Worley, actress, comedian

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    Toluca Lake Celebrities

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    Denzel Washington

    Markie Post

    Freddie Prinze

    Andy Garcia

    Henry Winkler

    Joe Mantegna

    Bing Crosby

    Andy Griffith

    Jerry Van Dyke

    Bob Hope

    Garry Marshall

    Alan Thicke

    Jonathan Winters

    Rick Dees

    George Lopez

    Jonas Brothers

    Miley Cyrus

    and more...

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    What celebrities live in Toluca Lake,California?

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    Good grief, if you live in the Lost Angels area you can get a celebrity map!

    But what is your point? They do not want to meet with you, with me, with anybody they do not know!

    Most celebrities live in hidden locations anyway, they use a phony address or location so people go there and leave them alone. And there are many reasons for that, including for their personal safety.

    So I do not think it really matters if anyone tells you anything, it probably will be wrong information anyway. Most of the time those "official" locations are merely get-aways on an occasional basis, not where they really live.

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    Tom Cruise I want to fart on his head.

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    a lot. i think ellen's mom lives there. (the lady w/ her own show) and hilary duff, good charlette, i think carmen diaz, raven simon, and a lot more!

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